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The White Mountains

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Bethel's First Meetinghouse Re-Discovered

Congregational Meetinghouse model.jpg

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Bethel's First Meetinghouse Re-Discovered by Randall H. Bennett Portland's Cumberland County Courthouse of 1785, which served as the model for Bethel's first meetinghouse, built in 1807 From Portland in the Past (1886) Thanks to the research…

The Robertsons of “Robinson Hill”

Robertson hill.jpg

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The Robertsons of “Robinson Hill” By Randall H. Bennett The origins of Bethel's early placenames, and the meaning(s) they convey, have long been a popular subject of discussion among scholars and family historians, and many of these researchers…

Dr. True As Historian

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Dr. True As Historian by Randall H. Bennett The productive years in the life of Dr. Nathaniel Tuckerman True (1812-1887) were a propitious time for antiquarian efforts. Indeed, the ground work of what we know today of Bethel's beginnings is in…

Bethel's Elusive Androscoggin Steamboat

Androscoggin at Alder River.jpg

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Bethel's Elusive Androscoggin Steamboat by Randall H. Bennett Steamboat landing site on Androscoggin River at Bethel, circa 1910 "I know of no place in the United States where as varied and rich scenery can be witnessed as when on the…

The Railroad Comes to Bethel

railroad station at Bethel.jpg

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The Railroad Comes to Bethel by Randall H. Bennett Grand Trunk Railway station at Bethel, circa 1880 Editor’s Note: The following is an edited version of remarks made by Society Curator of Collections Randall Bennett on 10 March 2001 at…

Bowler versus Chisholm, and the Ill-fated Bethel-Rumford Electric Railway

Hugh Chisholm.jpg

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Bowler versus Chisholm,and the Ill-fated Bethel-Rumford Electric Railway by Randall H. Bennett In 1882, Canadian-born Hugh J. Chisholm (1847-1912), a lumber enthusiast and successful partner in the Portland based Chisholm Brothers…

The Bethel Antiquarian Suppers of the 1850s

Dr. Nathaniel Tuckerman True.jpg

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The Bethel Antiquarian Suppers of the 1850s Dr. Nathaniel Tuckerman True (1812-1887) Founder of Maine's first Farmer's Club (1853) at Bethel Originator of the Bethel Antiquarian Suppers (1855-1857) American life in the mid-nineteenth century…

COLL 41: Correspondence with Dublin Historical Society

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Correspondence between the Bethel Historical Society and Dublin Historical Society (Dublin, N.H.) and related attachments. These papers explore the migration of many families between Bethel and Dublin, and in particular the Dublin branch of the Mason…

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