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BHS Hall Memorial Lecture: "Molly Ockett and Other Wabenaki Women Healers"


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Bethel Historical Society Hall Memorial Lecture, "Molly Ockett and Other Wabenaki Women Healers," delivered by Bunny McBride on August 12, 2005.

BHS Program: "Molly Ockett"

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Bethel Historical Society program, "Molly Ockett," presented by Helen Leadbeater on May 4, 1978.

Bethel's early days : Molly Ockett

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The Last of the Pequakets: Mollockett

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The Last of the Pequakets: Mollockett Written for the Maine Historical Society by N. T. True, M.D.,and published in theOxford Democrat, Jan. 2, 1863 The Pequakets were a powerful tribe on the Saco River. The Lovewell Fight at Fryeburg, in 1725,…

Well-known Indians of the Bethel Area

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Well-Known Indians of the Bethel Area by Catherine Newell Note on Indian Names: The names which have come down to us identifying certain Indians are usually corruptions of the French Christian names received at baptism in Canada. There are, for…

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Features: 115 Years Ago: Masons Observe Golden Wedding Aniversary -- 1 The Last of the Pequakets: Mollocket by Nathaniel T. True-- 2 Book Review:Waterford, Maine, 1875-1976. [Reviewed by Randall H. Bennett.] -- 4 Society news In Memoriam…

Molly Ockett gravestone

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Baptized by the French as "Marie Agathe"—a name that became "Mali Agit" when pronounced with difficulty by the Abenaki—Molly Ockett (the English version) is a legendary figure in Bethel's past. Though she died at Andover, Maine, in 1816, it was not…

Molly Ockett gravestone

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In 1867, the women of the Congregational Church at Andover, Maine, raised money to erect a gravestone over Molly Ockett's last resting place in that town's Woodlawn Cemetery. Inscribed to the memory of the "last of the Pequakets," the marble tablet…

Molly Ockett with cap

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Molly Ockett was described by her contemporaries as an impressive woman, a woman possessed of "a large frame and features" and an erect carriage, even in old age. When allusion was made to this latter trait, Molly Ockett would remark, "We read,…