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1989 Mollyockett Day program

A modern consequence of Molly Ockett's longstanding fame has been the use of her name in connection with several area businesses, institutions, and events. Other Abenaki of Molly Ockett's time, including Metallak and Sabattis, have had their names…

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"Molly Ockett's Cave"

Among the many geographic locations in this region associated with Molly Ockett that can be visited today is "Molly Ockett's Cave" in Fryeburg. Located at the base of a rocky outcrop known as Jockey Cap, this stone shelter is situated a short…

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Molly Ockett gravestone

In 1867, the women of the Congregational Church at Andover, Maine, raised money to erect a gravestone over Molly Ockett's last resting place in that town's Woodlawn Cemetery. Inscribed to the memory of the "last of the Pequakets," the marble tablet…