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Bethel Civil War monument dedication

The dedication in 1908 of Bethel's Civil War monument gave townspeople yet another opportunity to celebrate and commemorate the past. Fundraising efforts towards the purchase of such a memorial had begun as early as 1866.

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Clark S. Edwards house at the 1896 centenary

The Vernon Street home of General Clark S. Edwards was trimmed in patriotic bunting for the 1896 centenary of Bethel's incorporation as a town. Visible behind the porch roof balustrade, Edwards distinguished himself in several major Civil War…

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Molly Ockett gravestone

Baptized by the French as "Marie Agathe"—a name that became "Mali Agit" when pronounced with difficulty by the Abenaki—Molly Ockett (the English version) is a legendary figure in Bethel's past. Though she died at Andover, Maine, in 1816, it was not…