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COLL 66: Meeting House Model Construction Photos

Finding Aid / In-house Use Only

Collection of documents and image created by James Auman during various stages of the construction process of his scale model of the first West Parish Congregational Meeting House at Bethel, which was built in 1807, and torn down in 1848.

Collection: Finding Aids

COLL 19: West Parish Congregational Church Records

Finding Aid / In-house Use Only

Photocopies and transcripts of original records books

Collection: Finding Aids

BHS Program: "Memorable Women of the Bethel Congregational Church"

Sound / Available Online

Bethel Historical Society program, "Memorable Women of the Bethel Congregational Church," presented by Margaret Joy Tibbetts at West Parish Congregational Church on February 25, 1987.

Bethel's First Meetinghouse Re-Discovered

Congregational Meetinghouse model.jpg

Text / Available Online

Bethel's First Meetinghouse Re-Discovered by Randall H. Bennett Portland's Cumberland County Courthouse of 1785, which served as the model for Bethel's first meetinghouse, built in 1807 From Portland in the Past (1886) Thanks to the research…

The Bethel Courier, Vol. 10, No. 4 1_10_4.jpg

Serial Issue / Available Online

Features: Bethel's First Meetinghouse Re-discovered by Randall H. Bennett -- 1 A review of On Doing Local History: Reflections on What Local Historians Do, Why, and What it Means by Carol Kammen [reviewed by Stanley Russell Howe] --…