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Ella D. Hanscom to Eva Bean, May 29, 1947

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Ella Hanscom discusses her late husband, former Gould Academy headmaster Frank Edward Hanscom and when he first came to Bethel.

Greater responsibility for schools

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Letter written by Elwood F. Ireland, headmaster of Gould Academy, to the Christion Science Monitor in relation to their article about Gould Academy of February 10, 1942 (see 2014.010.1001.142).

Edwin L. Harvey to Eva Bean, June 10, 1949

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Harvey thanks Miss Eva Bean for sending him a copy of a picture of the cast of "The Witch's Secret" (see 2014.010.1001.70), a Gould Academy play in which he appeared.

George H. French to Eva Bean, June 20 [1949?]

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Letter from George H. French to Eva Bean, apparently written in response to a request from Miss Bean for more information relating to his dog and pig, as described in a Ripley's Believe it or Not cartoon (see 2014.010.1001.63).

Col. Edwards’ Letter

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COL. EDWARDS’ LETTER. Bethel, Jan. 25th, 1896 My dear friend Stevens:— Your kind letter came to hand in due time; many thanks for the same. You say I may have forgotten you; my answer is, No, I well remember you and other sergeants of that old Co.…