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Collection of articles written by Col. Clark S. Edwards for the local newspaper recounting his experiences during the Civil War. Including: Additionally, this collection includes: Many of these materials were gathered in a scrapbook, which is in the collections of the Maine Historical Society. The scrapbook also includes a few additional articles on the death of Clark S. Edwards published in Portland, Maine, newspapers. However, it omits number twenty-six of "War Reminicenses." A photocopy of the MHS scrapbook is available at the Bethel Historical Society.

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The Boys of ’61.Bethel, May 4, 1901 This day, forty years ago, our lovely village was excited as never before in its history. In the early morn, carriages were seen coming in from every direction, in some cases, wives to bring their husbands, in…

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ECHOES FROM THE SIXTIES. By Col. C. S. Edwards. Bethel, May 3, 1900. Thirty-seven years ago this day, was fought the great battle of Chancellorsville, commanded by Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker, who at that time was commander of the Potomac Army. We…

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ECHOES FROM THE SIXTIES. Official Report of One of the Most Bloody Conflicts of the Civil War. [Continued from last week.] Soon the shouts of the enemy immediately in our front, warned us that they were advancing, and every man stood ready to…