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Tourism and historic preservation [videorecording]

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Presents the case for historic preservation as an economic plus in attracting tourists whose money then creates jobs and prosperity. St. Louis, Birmingham, and Seattle's restorations are featured, among others.

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The Bethel Courier, Vol. 10, No. 3 1_10_3.jpg

Serial Issue / Available Online

Features: Reflections on the Northwest Bethel Road by Rev. Elwin L. Wilson -- 1 A review of Preserving New England by Jane Holtz Kay with Pauline Chase-Harrell [reviewed by Randall H. Bennett] -- 5 Society news: Editor's Corner --…

The Bethel Courier, Vol. 6, No. 4 1_6_4.jpg

Serial Issue / Available Online

Features: I Remember "The Snow Boat" by Barbara Herrick Brown -- 1 Gilead Centennial Address by Professor A.J. Roberts of Colby College, Gilead, Maine, July 14, 1904 [full version here] -- 1 I Believe in Ghosts by Pearl Ashby Tibbetts -- 5 Book…