COLL 146: Bethel Voter Information Cards

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COLL 146: Bethel Voter Information Cards


Collection of index cards containing information about Bethel people and their voter registration status. These do not appear to be official voter registarion cards themselves, but instead survey data collected to determine who was registered to vote, who needed transportation to the polls, who needed absentee ballots, etc. They were probably collected as part of a voter turnout effort by the local Democratic Party.
The index is divided into men and women and then further divided by first letter of last name. The cards originally used to divide the men into name groups were cut from two broadsides advertising a Democratic Party rally held at Odeon Hall on September 9 [1932]. The speakers at the rally were Paul C. Thurston and former U.S. Congressman from Missouri George H. Combs.
These appear to have been collected in 1932, probably in the months following the September 9 rally.




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