[Various items recorded by Mansfield Packard]



[Various items recorded by Mansfield Packard]


Various items recorded by Mansfield Packard, mostly from radio broadcasts.
1. Couples Club [?]
2. Central Maine News story about Miss Patricia Packard of Waterville who won an international safety poster award given by the United Commercial Travelers. [Begins about 4:28]
3. Central Maine News story about the wedding of Mary Adeline Packard and Martin Nissenbaum. [Begins about 7:06]
4. Musical performance [Sara Clark and Kip Noyes?] [Begins about 10:07]
5. A radio host reads a letter from "Mrs. M. M. Packard" [Kate Packard] concerning Leslie Sawyer, a boy in Waterville who was injured at age 7 when hit by a truck. He was unable to see the annual parade, and so the mayor had it rerouted to go by his house. [Begins about 15:00 and repeated twice]
6. An alternate take of Mansfield Packard reading the article "Nature's Simple Pleasure" by Richard W. Carlson (see 2016.001.0103b). The beginning is cut off. [Begins about 20:07]
7. Packard reading an article about "nature man" Joe Knowles. [Begins about 22:53]
8. Packard reading an article "Aweigh with Words" about (unintentionally) humorous church bulletin signs. [Begins about 27:52]





"Side 1: Couples Club - misc / Pat's Poster Award / Mary & Marty Wedding / Sara Clark & Kip Noyes / Leslie Sawyer / Part of - Maine Simple Pleasures / Joe Knowles / Aweigh with words"