Small-Town Motion Pictures: The Jay S. Hoar Collection of 1930s Movie Posters

Featuring twenty 1930s window card posters from the “Golden Age” of Hollywood films, this exhibit recognizes the generous donation of the collection by Jay S. Hoar, a Rangeley, Maine, native who taught for nearly 33 years in the English Department of the University of Maine at Farmington.  Professor Hoar grew up in the life of the small-town theater, beginning at the age of five by tipping up all the seats mornings after for a nickel.  As soon as he learned how to pop corn and make change, he for several seasons sold refreshments.  Ushering, taking tickets, and sweeping the hall served also to give him an intimate knowledge of his subject, as well as the means to attend college.

On view in the Valentine Gallery June 29 through December 22, 2017.