Dr. Moses Mason Office/Library Replica

The Museums of the Bethel Historical Society have received the gift of a 16-by-20 foot timber frame to replicate the 19th century Broad Street office/library of Dr. Moses Mason (1789-1866). A public “raising” of this traditional wood-frame structure, generously donated by Scott Campbell of Maine Mountain Post & Beam in Fryeburg, will take place on July 7, 2018, during the Bethel Art Fair.

Placement of the replica office/library, which will incorporate some 19th century materials to illustrate earlier construction methods, is based on a May 2013 archaeological study by Gould Academy students under the supervision of MBHS member Norm Buttrick. Historical records also suggest that the original office/library, which appears on the 1858 map of Bethel Hill village and in an 1874 stereoview photograph, existed from approximately 1837 to 1874. Left unfinished on the inside, the replica office/library will provide space for various children’s activities, lectures, exhibits, and craft demonstrations.

To add to the significance of this project, the children of the late Roxanne Twitchell Sly, a life member of MBHS and descendant of some of Bethel’s earliest settlers, have agreed to fund the exterior finish of the replica. In exchange for their support, the new building will be known as the “Twitchell Education Center”—honoring the memory of their mother and recognizing the important role played by the Twitchell family of Sherborn, Massachusetts, and Dublin, New Hampshire, in the founding and settlement of Bethel. To Scott Campbell, as well as to the family of Roxanne Twitchell Sly, we extend heartfelt thanks for their generosity!