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Enoch Foster, Jr.

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Article from The Bethel Journals covering the life of Enoch Foster, Jr. (1839-1913) a prominent citizen of Bethel and the third owner of the Bethel Historical Society's O'Neil Robinson House.Click on the "Go to website" button to leave this site and…

John Howell Crosby (1867-1936)

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John Howell Crosby (1867-1936) By Donald G. Bennett J. Howell Crosby in 1909. Courtesy of Donald G. Bennett Editor’s note: This is the second “Grandfather’s Theme” to be published in The Courier since the request for such manuscripts went out…

Barn Redux: Bethel's Most Modern Barn in 1950

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Barn Redux: Bethel's Most Modern Barn in 1950 by Donald G. Bennett Introduction The idea for this story came from two sources: the 2005 display of the Smithsonian exhibit “Barn Again! Celebrating an American Icon” at the Bethel Historical…