2021 Raffle and Auction

The Museums of the Bethel Historical Society’s 2021 Raffle and Auction is now live! Stop by the Museum and place a bid on locally donated items and take a chance to win local items and gift certificates.  The event will run the entire month of July. Join us at 4:00 PM on the Museum grounds on Saturday, July 31, for the finale event, when auction and raffle winners will be announced.


To enter the Raffle please visit the Museums of the Bethel Historical Society or call (207) 824-2908. The Raffle board is located on the side porch of the Robinson House at the Museums of Bethel Historical Society. Taking an envelope unveils the artwork made by children in our 2019 Mornings at the Museum program. This board will be up throughout July.  Payment by credit cards and checks are acceptable. 

A. Take an envelope of your choosing and place the money inside the envelope. Each envelope has a different price and you are welcome to take more than one.

B. Write your name and phone number on the  envelope, so that we can reach you if you are one of our lucky winners.

C. Bring your envelope(s) to the first floor office in the Robinson House.  Please do not leave money on the board.

There are ten rows of twenty envelopes.  Every row has a different prize associated with it. The ten prizes are pictured on the board.  Thank you to our sponsors who donated prizes for the raffle.


Auction items are picture below. To place a bid, please call (207) 824-2908 with the number of the item you would like to bid on, or stop in the Robinson House during regular open hours.