The Courier
Volume 31, No. 2 (2007)


Edgar Harvey Powers (1843-1894)
Photo courtesy of Bethel Masonic Lodge # 97 AF & AM

Editor’s Note: This transcription has been made from a small diary that was discovered by Barbara Hastings Honkala in 1988 while she was organizing the Hastings family papers at the John Hastings Homestead at 18 Broad Street, Bethel.  It covers much of the year 1864 (some pages are missing, and the diary stops in late November) and must have come into the Hastings Homestead through some connection to Eugenia (Roberts) Hastings (born in Hanover, Maine, in 1846).  She is mentioned repeatedly in the diary, and grew up in Hanover with diarist Edgar Harvey Powers, who was born 4 April 1843, the youngest child of Jonathan, Jr., and Hannah (Andrews) Powers.  He married on 12 February 1867, Jennie Desire Stearns, who was born on 19 October 1843, the daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Chapman) Stearns of Bethel.  They had two sons before her death on 20 September 1882.  Edgar Powers married second, on 11 December 1883, Carrie Carr, who was born 28 February 1864.  A farmer, Powers acquired and worked on the farm of his father, Jonathan Powers, Jr.  Active in town politics, he served as Third Selectman in 1885, Second Selectman in 1886, and as Town Clerk in 1866-68 and 1881-1886.  A member of and Master of the Bethel Masonic Lodge (1870), he was buried in the Hanover Cemetery following his death on 27 September 1894 at the age of fifty-one.  Powers’ farm was situated on present U.S. Route 2, about one and three/quarters miles west of Hanover Village.  The farmland has been subdivided and the barn removed, but the house is still standing and owned by Elizabeth Houde.  Powers’ siblings included Augustine, born 10 April 1834, who married Matilda M., and resided in Newry; Galen H., born 20 August 1835, and died 20 October 1838; Charles H., born 6 October 1837, who married Sarahette Moore and resided in Newry; and Theresa C., born 1 July 1840, who married Edwin C. Lane and resided in Newry.

Others mentioned in the diary:
The "Deacon" mentioned in the text is unidentified, but may be Reuben Foster.  (All the others mentioned above have been eliminated as possibilities.)  The only other family living between the village and the home of Edgar Powers at this time was that of William Barker.  He was commonly referred to as “Captain.”  Much gratitude is extended to Warren Stearns of Hanover, Maine, for transcribing the diary and for his numerous useful annotations.  S. R. H.

House and barn of Edgar Harvey Powers, Hanover, Maine, ca. 1900
Courtesy of Warren Stearns

January 1864
[to be continued]

The Courier
Volume 31, No. 3 (2007)


Section of Hanover, Maine (from Caldwell & Halfpenny, Atlas of Oxford Co., Maine, 1880)
"E. H. Powers" appears in the left-center of the map, on present-day Route 2.

Editor’s Note: Additional information on Edgar Harvey Powers has come to light since the last issue.  At the time of his death in 1894, Powers was a member of Bear River Grange in Newry.  He also served as a District Deputy Grand Master of No.16 Masonic District of Maine.  He moved to Blazing Star Masonic Lodge at Rumford Center in 1876.  His two sons were named Linwood (b. 26 August 1867) and Harvey E. (b. 13 March 1880).  He died intestate according to the probate record at the Oxford County Courthouse in South Paris.  His estate totaled $1721.34 (Real Estate $1000; Goods and Chattels $582.90; Rights and Credits $138.44).

January 1864 (continued)

February 1864

[to be continued]

The Courier
Volume 31, No. 4 (2007)


Gravestones of Edgar H. and Jennie D. (Stearns) Powers in the Hanover, Maine, cemetery

February 1864 (continued)
[to be continued]

The Courier
Volume 32, No. 1 (2007)


February 1864 (continued)
  • February 24 – Edwin and Theresa came down today.  They and Mother went down to the Deacons [sic] visiting.  I went down to the Point [Rumford Point] with Ned.  Bought a whip at C. A. Kimballs [sic].  Paid four shillings.  Unckle [sic] William came over to day.  He is going to stay all night.  He brought his whiskey with him.  I guess he is bound to enjoy himself.  Edwin brought down my beans.
  • February 25 – Jesse D. Howe [Hanover Town Clerk] came along to take the births and deaths in this town.  I went down to get the sleigh that Holt has been fixing.  He asked for the fixing and painting, four dollars.  Charles came down to day to get the wool he engaged last fall.  Went up and put some lambkill on Mrs. Williams [sic] horse feet.  She has got the scratches.  Come [sic] down and stopped to Straws [sic].  Cyrus Bartlett come [sic] in there.  I rode down with him.  Augustine and Matilda called here to night.  They had been to Mr. Russells [sic] visiting.  Unckle [sic] Wm. went home this morning.
  • February 26 – Went down and hauled wood for Holt.  Hauled him five loads.  Left the oxen there.  He wantsme to help him to morrow.  Brought up a paper for the Deacon and one for Cyrus.  They were eating some boiled corn.  Cyrus asked me to sit down and eat some.  I did so.  It was a rarity for me.  Went up and put some more lambkill on Mrs. Williams [sic] horse.
  • February 27 – Went down and hauled wood for Holt.  Hauled four loads.  Win Howe, Walker Eliot, Wallace Bartlett, Gust Varney, and Camille Staples have enlisted.  Pat has gone up to Edwins [sic] to stay all night.  Rus Andrews and wife stay here to night.  Joshua Roberts has got a sore throat.  Augustine came down to the mill today.  Theresa came down with him.  I paid Cooper Bean one dollar for measures he left here.  It is first rate sleighing now.  Webster Holt and his brother George Holt got into quite a warm debate on politics today.
  • February 28 – Rus Andrews and wife went away from here this morning.  Hiram Howe and wife came here about eleven and staid [sic] till three.  They had a row at Joshuas [sic] [Howard] singing school in the Newry school house last evening.  Joshua, Dan Wilbur, Charles Ryerson, Herv Hastings, and John Surls (Searles) was in it.  I went down to the Post Office.  When I came up, called to James G. R[oberts].  Cod let Gene have a girls [sic] picture that lives in Auburn to send to Mr. Bates.  Stopped two or three hours, and came home.  I have got some cold.  It has been quite warm and cloudy, is excellent sleighing.
  • February 29 – Went up to Bethel Hill.  Had Mrs. Williams [sic] horse.  Mother went up to see Sarahette in the forenoon and in the afternoon she went down to see Aunt Roxy.  I carried the bacon up and sold it to Kimball.  Got 12 ½ cts. per pound.  Got a bbl. of flour.  Paid eight dollars and a half.  Got a mirror at Goddards.  Paid 67 cts.  Got a pair of Lees for a harness at Youngs [sic].  Paid 50 cts.  Engaged some grave stones for Father at Wormell.  They will cost about 40 dollars.  Carried some things up to Loch, Elvi and Dephina.  They made me take dinner with them.  Charles went up with me.  Took tea to Charles abot [about] three.  Staid [sic] there till half past five, come [sic] to John Blacks [sic], and staid [sic] there a few minutes, and come [sic] home.  Took Mrs. Williams horse home, and when I come [sic] home, called into Mr. [William O.] Straws [sic] to leave some patterns.  It is quite good sleighing now.  [Several pages of the diary are missing here.]

March 1864
  • March 7 – Awoke this morning and found the rain had turned to snow, a very uncommon thing.  It has continued to snow and rain during the day.  Town meeting was today.  James G. Roberts is chairman of Selectmen.  Tim Ayers stays at Unckle [sic] Orsons [sic] to night.  Mother is up to Newry yet.  I begin [sic] to feel lonesome, or shall, if this weather continues a great while longer and I have to stay indoors.  Unckle [sic] Orson said Knapp (Albion K.) was the most capable man to do town business we had in town.  I told him I considered James about as honest as Knapp.  O, yes, he said, James was honest enough, but he want [sic] a priming to Knapp.
  • March 8 – Edwin and Theresa come [sic] down this morning and brought Mother down.  I carried Mrs. Williams [sic] pig up to her.  She paid me two dollars.  Went up and washed and soaked the buckets this afternoon, so that I could tap the trees tomorrow.  Took the colt down to Miltons [sic] and got him to cut his tail off.  He took off about three or four inches of the bone.  It has been pleasant to day.  Howard Staples had the small pox, and it settled in his eyes leaving him blind.  His mother started to go see him yesterday.  He is in Dover.
  • March 9 – Tapped 118 trees to day.  Went down to Cyrus Bartletts [sic] to a Levee.  There was not a great rush.  It cost me seventy cents.  Did not have much of a time.  Lucien (Foster) waited upon Liz (Roberts) considerable.  I should not think she would be seen with him much, as much as she has talked about him.
  • March 10 – Went into the woods this morning and tapped sixty one trees before breakfast which gave me a pretty good appetite.  Mr. Bessey come [sic] after his pig to night.  He wanted me to go up to Newry with him.  I went up to Augustines [sic] and stopped a little while.  I do not enjoy myself very well there.  I pity Gust.  He takes no comfort in his life.  Bessey stays here to night.
  • March 11 – Went into the woods this morning and gathered 100 pails full of sap.  Commenced to boil.  Bessy took four pigs.  Paid $2.50 each.  Had a very pleasant time.  Pat went down to the P.O. and he said there was a letter for me, but as there was three cents to pay on it, Lime [Lyman R. Knapp, son of Albion] would not let him have it.
  • March 12 – Gathered 33 pails full of sap.  Went down to the P.O. after that letter but Mrs. Knapp could not find it.  Called to James G. Roberts when I come [sic] back and got a rum barrel for a sugar tub.  After I got home, I got to thinking about it, and I was so thundering mad, I went down again, but could not get track of it.  I have not got through with Lime yet.  Syruped down to night.  When I get time I shall look that letter up.
  • March 13 – Genie [Roberts] took this diary and read as far as here.  Gathered 50 pails full of sap.  Sugared off 50 lbs of maple sugar.  Mrs. Straw come [sic] down here this morning on the crust, and staid till about eleven.  Went down to James to see if that rum barrel would do to put molasses in.  Phylantha [Howard] and Genie come [sic] with me and staid an hour or two.  Genie and I ate a Philopena [a custom in which two persons share the kernals of a nut and determine that one shall receive a forfeit from the other at a later time upon the saying of a word or the performance of a certain action].  Also Phylantha and I.  Genie got it on to me when I carried them down.  I got started to go to the PO but was so tired did not go down.  Called into the Deacons [sic] and got Philopena on to Phylantha.
  • March 14 – Have been in the woods boiling sap.  Syruped down tonight.  While coming down broke a three gallon jug and spilt the syrup.  Charles went down to Abbotts [sic] and got a shoemakers [sic] bench.  He got a ten gallon keg to James.  I went down to James and got a ten gallon keg to bring syrup down in.  Charles left his keg here for me to fill with vinegar.  James and I had a sing.  Genie said if I could get Philophena on to her, she would give me a stocking she was knitting, but guess she back [sic] out of it.
  • March 15 – Sugared off 25 lbs of maple syrup.  Aunt Sally and Sarah [Stearns Powers] come [sic] over here visiting to day.  They did not dare go across the river alone, so I went over with them.  After I got over there, I thought I would go up to Elias Bartletts [sic] and see if there was a letter.  There was none.  Lucelia Brown is at Uncle Orsons [sic].  Hervey S. Hastings called here today, and got some lambkill to cure the scratches on his horse.  Genie went to Dixfield to day with Joshua R. Howard.  Freeland Moody brought a letter from the P.O. from H. P. Bessey.  It has been quite cool today.  Mrs. Willard Jewett [Angeline Morgan] died this morning.  I was surprised to hear of her death.  She was at the Levee at Cyrus, apparently as well as any of us.  Died with Diptheria [sic].
  • March 16 – Mrs. Jewett was buried today.  I was one of the bearers.  Sermon by Rev. Mr. Briggs.  Text: Psalms, 17 Chapter, 15 Verse.  He talked very well.  He preached Mr. and Mrs. Jewetts [sic] funeral sermon, both together.  It was the same text he preached Aunt Harriet Kimballs [sic] [probably Harriet Willis, wife of Clark Kimball] funeral sermon from.  William Barker, George Holt and Ezra Smith was [sic] the other three bearers.  Charles Abbott was manager.  William stopped here to dinner.  Carried my boots up to have Charles mend them.  Theresa and Edwin was [sic] at Prestons [sic].  Mrs. Knapp [Phebe (Farnum) Knapp, wife of Albion Knapp] and Jennie [Hutchins, widow of Nathan Knapp] was [sic] both taken with Diptheria [sic] this morning.  They have got the measles up in Newry.  The sleighing is getting quite bad.
  • March 17 – Went into the woods and chopped wood this forenoon.  Unckle [sic] Eli and wife [Salome (Andrews) Howe] have been here today.  Augustine went over to Unckle Wms [sic] to swap some wheat and rye.  Went down to James [sic] this evening and got a gallon of rum.  H. Black called here.  He said he and father laid the corner stone of our yard in the year 1844, the 16 of June; and he said it snowed so that the the ground was almost white.  It has been quite cool today.  The Deacon went to Dixfield this afternoon.  I dont [sic] know but I have got the itch.  Showed it to Doctor [Thomas] Roberts but he said he did not know whether it was or not.
  • March 18 – Mrs. Straw, Aunt Julia, and Rosette [Stearns, daughter of B. Franklin and Julia (Andrews) Stearns] called down here on the crust this morning.  Aunt Julia and Rosette staid till two.  Edwin and Theresa have been down today.  They went home about three.  Have been piling up wood under the shed.  Got it all piled up [in] front of the house; and it filled the shed almost full.  Let Theresa have a quart of maple molasses to carry home.  It has been somewhat cool; so much so, the sap has not started today.
  • March 19 – Finished filling the shed with wood.  There is almost three cords beside the shed full.  Went to mill, but they could not get the grist.  Went up to Unckle [sic] Orsons [sic] today and was looking at his sheep, and behold I saw one of our sheep there; the one we lost last fall.  I brought it home.  I should think he would despise the sight of a sheep.
  • March 20 – Quite cool and clear this morning, but squally in afternoon.  Liz [Roberts] visited our sugar house on the crust.  Mother called down to Miltons [sic].  I called into James G[ardiner] R[oberts] this evening.  Genie [Roberts] inhaled chloroform, enough to put her to sleep.  I inhaled some, and after awhile it began to make me feel weak in the knees, and I thought it was about time to start for home.
  • March 21 – Went into the woods and chopped wood this forenoon.  Went up to get Charles to mend Pats [sic] boots.  Sarahette had a boy today.  Theresa come [sic] down with me.  Went down to James [sic] and got some rum for her.  Theresa, Mother, and I have been in to Mr. Straws [sic] this evening.  It has been quite cool today.  Unckle [sic] Peter and wife [Sarah Stearns, daughter of Thomas and Lois (Colby) Stearns] called here this evening.
  • March 22 – Augustine came down here before breakfast this morning.  He went to mill.  Mother and Theresa went up to Newry with him.  Gardner, Almeron, and I went up to Mt. Puzzle, [spruce] gumming.  The dog came across a hedgehog [porcupine] and got about forty quills in his nose.  We got a cro[t]ched stick and put it over his neck and pulled them out.  Gardner shot an owl in the barn up to Scriba [an area near Puzzle Mountain].  We set fire to two trees.  Gard shot a partridge.  I got quite a lot of gum; and lost my jackknife.  Got home about three.  Gardner and Almeron took supper with me.  I went down and got the grist I carried to the mill last Saturday.  Liz called in here this evening.  Almeron, Gardner, Phylantha, and Genie went over to Elias Bartletts [sic] this evening on the crust.  Pat and I stay alone to night.  It was been quite cold today.
  • March 23 – Augustine brought Mother down today.  Pat and Bick [John B. Stearns, son of B. F. and Julia (Andrews) Stearns] have been up to Scriba.  Aunt Julia and Rosette called in here, they were going down to James [sic] visiting.  It has been quite cold today.  Have been alone all day and my thoughts have been wandering over the past, also, my mind has been busy in trying to fathom the dark future.
  • March 24 – Neville [Howard] called here this morning and got our sleigh to up and see Milton.  Sarah and Phylantha [Howard, daughter of Joseph Howard] went up with him.  Gardner, Genie, and Sarah [Roberts, daughter of James Gardiner Roberts] went also.  Pat has been helping Bick.  Neville brought up a letter for me, from Loch.  I went into the woods this afternoon and chopped the ice out of the buckets east of the sugar house.  The Deacon went up to Edwins [sic] today.  It has not been very cold today.
  • March 25 – Gathered 83 pails full of sap.  Letitia [Foster, daughter of Reuben Foster, married Hervey S. Hastings] & Helen [Foster, daughter of Reuben Foster & wife of Galen Howe] Howe have been here visiting this afternoon.  They sent word up to Mrs. Straw that the young folks from the village were going up there this evening.  She sent back word that she would rather they not come up till the first of the week.  I told them, if they like, they could stop here.  They did so, twelve of them.  I treated them on maple sugar.  They went away about eleven.  Their names were George Holt, John Holt, Winfield S. Howe, Charles Abbott, Henry Smith, Helen Howe, Julia B. Foster, Letitia L. Foster, Mary Smith, Abby Howe, Clara Knapp and Matilda J.Staples.  It has been quite warm today.  We got a sheep, that I guess will die.  Took the top off from my chaise.  A flock of wild geese flew over to night.
  • March 26 – Took my chaise wheels down to have a gig made of them.  It is very bad sleighing.  Got 1/4 lb. sulphur at Knapp [sic] for the itch.  Boiled sap till about twelve o’clock at night.  Got a letter from Cod last Thursday.  He is in Va [Virginia] near Culpepper.  Syruped down tonight.  It has been a good sap day.
  • March 27 – Sugared off today, but it is so dirty I am going to put it in with the next batch.  It has been a firstrate [sic] day.  Boiled till twelve o’clock tonight.  Bick has been helping Pat boil sap today while I sugared off.
  • March 28 – Boiled sap until twelve.  Gathered both sap holders full of sap, and then did not get it all gathered.  I was so drove, I went up and got Ned to come down and help me.  He boiled all night.  Went to Charles and got Pats [sic] boots.  Borrowed a Rhetoric of Sarahette.  It has been warm.  Sugared off 75 lbs.
  • March 29 – Went up and gathered the sap this morn.  Did not get much.  Syruped down.  Got through ointing for the itch and washed up today.  Ned went to sleep in sugar house today and slept some time.  Sap has not run very well today.  It looks like a storm.
  • March 30 – Win Howe [Winfield Scott Howe, son of Joel and Dorcas (Barker) Howe] was married to Clara Knapp [daughter of Albion K. and Phebe (Morse) Knapp] last night.  Sugared off 90 lbs.  Ned has been boiling sap today.  Went down to the Point.  Wrote to Win Howe, to see what the chance was to enlist.  When I got back and told him what I had done, he wanted me to write for him.  Rode up with James G. Roberts.  Got a knife at Bolsters.  James weighs 214 lbs.  I weigh 161 lbs.
  • March 31 – Have been boiling sap today.  Has stormed all day.  Has been a number of callers.  Ned went home last night.  Charles Willis [sic] wife [ Esther H. Brown] is very sick.  Also Albion Jewett [son of Willard Jewett].  They do not expect him to live.  Tared [tarred] the sheep today.  They commenced to use waggons [sic] last Tuesday.  The snow is mostly gone.
[to be continued]

The Courier
Volume 32, No. 2 (2008)


April 1864

  • April 1 – Syruped down today.  Edwin come [sic] down this morning and we emptied the buckets.  Sprague come [sic] up into the sugar woods.  I come [sic] up with Ned and am going to stay all night.  Leroy Morgan [probably Laprelet D. Morgan, who died 18 April 1864] is sick again with Diptheria [sic].  They do not expect him to live.  It rains to night.  Is very muddy.
  • April 2 – Come [sic] home this mornng.  Overtook an old man, 82 years old, by the name of Ephraim Frost, down to Ball B. Willis [sic].  Remembering the golden rule, I took his pack and brought it down as far as here, and invited him to rest.  I gave him some maple molasses and bread, for which he seemed so grateful.  He then said he would be going, but as it rained, I invited him to stop all night, which he finally accepted.  His is a fine old gentleman.  Sugared off 64 lbs. of sugar today.  Went down to the Post Office to night, but did not stop for the mail.
  • April 3 – Willard Jewetts [sic] boy (Albion K.) died this morning at one o’clock.  Wrote to Lauriston and Mary E. Lampher.  Went up to Newry with Lucien L. Foster [son of Reuben].  We called to Charles, Lawson Smiths [sic], and then to come down to Edwins [sic] and took supper.  Had a very good time there.  Then we come [sic] down to [Hervey S.] Hastings, and he got feeling round Nancy Wilson, and I could not get him started home.  He staid till about four o’clock in the morning.  I went up to Neds [sic] and staid all night.  I shall not ride with the miserable fellow again.  Mr. White preached his farewell sermon up here to day.
  • April 4 – Ned and I come [sic] down this morning.  We gathered about fifty pail fulls of sap, with the oxen.  Ned boiled today, and I went to hauling fencing poles.  Hauled two loads.  Mr. White took dinner here today.  Mother gave him a quart of maple molasses.  Mr. Jewetts [sic] boy was buried today.  Mr. White preached the funeral sermon.  I went up at dark and boiled till twelve.  He went down to James this evening.
  • April 5 – Edwin boiled sap today and I hauled three loads of fencing poles.  Ball [B.Willis] come [sic] into the sugar woods, then come [sic] down to the house.  Julia Foster and Amanda [Foster, wife of Edwin Hoyt] was here.  Ball acted real silly.  He staid about two hours.  I carried Amande’s baby down to Fosters [sic].  Called to James when I came back.  Took Genie and Phylanthas to put in a mark.  Ned come [sic] in there before I come [sic] home, and he come [sic] up with me.  The Deacon told me a story about cheese.
  • April 6 – Ned boiled sap this forenoon.  He went home this afternoon.  I hauled two loads of fencing poles.  I knit the initials of my name in Genie and Phylanthas stockings.  Carried them down tonight.  Rode down to the Post Office with James.  He took the “Old Whirlwind.”  We rode pretty fast some of the way.  Went over with Phylantha from James.  Gardner boils sap tonight.  Almeron is with him.  It has been quite warm today.
  • April 7 – Went into the woods and got one load of poles.  Went down to see if Holt had got the seat of my gig done.  He had not.  Rec’d a letter from John S. Powers, stating that Unckle [sic] [Joseph] Stillman [Powers] was dead.  He died last Saturday night at 20 minutes past eleven with small pox.  Alas: his little girl, Emma.  Shingled Emma Roberts [sic] hair.  Gene let me take Lackenbox Rhetoric.  Harnessed Hoosae and drove him up to Balls.  It has been quite warm today.  Gathered 34 pails full of sap.
  • April 8 – I sugared off 75 lbs. of maple sugar.  Olive S. Willis [daughter of Ball B.] gave us a call this morning.  Gathered eighty pail fulls of sap.  Wrote to John S. Powers.  Have been comparing Boyds, with Lackenbos Rhetoric.  I prefer Lackenbos.  It has been a very pleasant today.  Called into Mr. Straws [sic] and spent the evening.  Enjoyed myself very much.  Mrs. Straw played and sang most of the evening.  When I got home I found Mother quite sick.
  • April 9 – Mother was quite sick this morning, with a sore throat.  I went down to George E. Smiths [sic] and got a bottle of Dr. Watsons [sic] medicine for diptheria [sic].  She took some it and tonight she is better.  I went up and got Theresa.  She is going to stay till tomorrow night.  I had Mrs. Williams [sic] horse.  I took the wheels down to get Finney [William Phinney at Rumford Point] to put on some springs.
  • April 10 – Mother was some better this morning.  I carried Theresa up to Newry tonight.  Left my boots to Charles to tap, and wore his home.  Theresa & I went down and got Genie to come up and stay till she comes down again.  Genie said it was the first wagon ride she had had this year.  I gave her her first wagon ride last year, and two years ago.
  • April 11 – Got up and found that we were having a snow storm.  Set up the tubs to make soap.  Pat went away this morning and did not get back till night.  I went down to James [sic] and got some yarn for Genie.  She is here yet.  I have been plaguing her all day.  It has snowed enough for sleighing.  I am boiling molasses down so it will lay on snow.  Pat has written to Euthalia.  [several pages missing here]
  • April 24 – Went down and got my hair cut this morning.  While there, Ned came after me.  He wanted Mother to go up and take care of Theresa.  She has got the Diptheria.  Milton put in his great boat today.  I called into James a little while.  Come home, and in a little while Liz and Genie called in.  I went down and got a half pint of brandy, some to give to a lamb and some for Mother.  Almeron stays with me tonight.  Took Genies [sic] stocking to knit in the initials of her name.
  • April 25 – Have been plowing today.  Julia Stearns called in here this morning, and staid till afternoon.  Knit the initials of Genies [sic] name in her stocking.  Gardner is going to stay with me tonight.  It rains some tonight.  I got Pat up in his sleep, and sent him to feed the hogs.  He went into the washroom and then he started to go down cellar, and hit his head against the clothes horse, and it awoke him.
  • April 26 – Gardner staid with me last night.  Milton swaped [sic] horses yesterday.  Ned come down after some liquor this morning.  He said Theresa’s had begun to swell pretty bad.  He said Liz Smith had gone after Dr. [David] Davis.  Mrs. James Roberts went up with Ned.  Went down to the office and met Mr. Smith.  He said Davis could not come and according to his and Edwins [sic] talk I thought she ought to have something done for her, so I took James [sic] horse and went down and got Dr. Thomas Roberts to go up.  He did not like it very well because they sent for Davis first.  When he came back he said she was not very sick.  I offered to pay him but he could not make change.  Received a letter from Corydon, ailas [?], a book of puzzles.
  • April 27 – Went down and got Eugenia to come up and wash and bake.  Joshua Roberts staid with Pat last night.  Carried Eugenia home tonight.  Had a good talk with her.  Took Sarah J. Roberts [sic] stocking to knit the initials of her name in.  Carried my bible down to have Sarah put it under Genies [sic] pillow to dream over.  She said she would tell me what she dreamed.
  • April 28 – Plowed this forenoon.  Eugenia and Phylantha called and hung out the clothes this morning.  Joshua [Howard] went down and carried them up there visiting.  I carried some eggs up to Newry and sold for Mrs. Roberts.  Went up to see Theresa.  She is getting better.  It has been quite warm today.  Aunt Ellen [Eleanor Eames, daughter of John E. and Hanna (McGill)] Bean is quite sick.
  • April 29 – Lucien L. Foster is very sick.  Gale Howe went up after Dr. [John] Grover.  I went up with him.  Bought an album, as a present for Genie.  We took a walk this evening and I gave it to her.  She and I ate a Philopena and I owed her a present so gave her that.  Bought a box of herring and a pair of gloves.
  • April 30 – Mother came home this morning.  Lizzie went up and is going to stay till tomorrow.  Called to look at Olives [Olive Willis] bookkeeping books.  Called to see how Lucien was tonight.  He is a little better.  Joshua has his last singing school over to Rumford Corner tonight.  Eugenia and Phylantha went with him.

May 1864

  • May 1 – Carried Mother up to Newry and brought Liz down and carried her down to Aunt Eleanor Beans [sic] funeral.  Ben Lufkin preached the funeral sermon.  Text: Psalms 90 Chapter 12 Verse.  Called to see Lucien.  He is very sick.  I do not think he will get well.  Called to see Deacon and stopped a little while.
  • May 2 – Went to mill for Mrs. Williams.  Called to see Lucien.  He is no better and must die.  He can live but a short time.  Went to the Point to see if my gig was done.  Commenced to plant potatoes today.  James jamed [jammed] his toes pretty bad last Friday.  Paid Dr. Roberts one dollar for going up to Newry to see Theresa.
  • May 3 – I set up with Lucien last night.  He died about two o’clock this morning.  He died quite easy.  We did not get him laid out till about four.  None of the family were up.  Mr. Staples and wife [Joseph and Betsey Howe], Mr. Hoyt and wife [Gardner and Laura Lovejoy], Aunt Phebe Elliott, and Lawson Smith was here.  It has been rainy all day.  Have been cutting potatoes to plant.  Joshua Roberts staid with Pat last night.  The funeral is next Thursday at 12 o’clock.
  • May 4 – Went down to the Post Office.  Received a letter from Euthalia.  They want me to be one of the bearers tomorrow.  Planted a few potatoes today.  Mother came home this morning.  Theresa is getting along well.  Eugenia has been up there today.  I went down to James tonight and got some whiskey to put with some thoroughwort.
  • May 5 – Lucien was buried today.  Rev. Mr. Thompson preached the funeral sermon.  Text: Acts 17 Chapter 28 Verse.  He preached a very good sermon.  Almeron Roberts, Limon (Lyman) Knapp, John Holt and I were bearers.  Mother and I took tea at Mr. James G. Roberts.
  • May 6 – Theresa come [sic] down today.  She is going to stay a week or two.  Went down to the Deacons [sic] with Edwin.  I was exposed to the measles a week ago last Thursday.  Elizabeth and Sarah Roberts called in here this evening.  Finished planting the potatoes before the house.
[to be continued]

The Courier
Volume 32, No. 3 (2008)


May 1864 (continued)
  • May 7 – Cloudy and tonight it rains.  Pat has been harrowing today.  Mrs. Straw called in here tonight and stopped an hour or two. Met Mrs. Willis at Unckle [sic] Orsons [sic] tonight.  All was harmony.  Amanda and Julia Foster are quite sick. Went to the Point today.
  • May 8 – Went down to see how Fosters [sic] folks are getting along.  They are better.  Edwin came down today.  Phylantha and Eugenia called in here to see Theresa. I gave them some herring and sent one down to the Deacon, and three to Mrs. Roberts.  Rains some tonight.  My mind is made up to spend the remainder of my days differently. Nathan Bean [probably the son of John E. and Hannah (McGill) Bean] drove a horse here tonight that would not hardly go.
  • May 9 – Sowed 6 ½ bushels of oats.  Fixed the fence round the piece back of the pines.  Went up on the mountain and got the colt.  Phylantha, Eugenia, and Sarah called up to Unckle [sic] Orsons [sic] tonight.  They set out to call here, but saw me writing and did not.  The rest were all abed.  Quite warm.
  • May 10 – Have been harrowing the corn ground today.  Carried Theresa to a ride.  Called James and got a gallon of alcohol.  Caroline Simonds and Mrs. Barker have been here visiting this afternoon.  I carried them home.  Mrs. Morgan is very sick with diptheria [sic].  We have quite a warm day and a thunder shower tonight.
  • May 11 – Fixed the fence between Milton and us.  Eugenia and Sarah made a visit here this afternoon.  I went down with them.  Neville hung Phylantha and Eugenia a maybasket.  I saw him and played Judas Iscariot.  They all come [sic] up as far as the Capen brook and laid in wait to catch him.
  • May 12 – Went down to the Point to get some herds-grass seed; they had none.  Went over to Wardwells [sic] and got my gig for Mr. Finney (Phinney) to fix.  The Deacon sent down and got some tobacco.  Aunt Sukey stays here tonight.  Went down to Fosters [sic] and engaged some herds-grass seed.  They caught Neville last night down by James [sic] watering place.  James wants me to help him tomorrow.  I told him I would.  We are going to change works.
  • May 13 – Worked for James G. Roberts with oxen, up to Mr. Williams [sic].  Had quite a time with Bela [Williams].  We were planning to go up & hang Neville Howard some maybaskets, but it looked so much like rain we did not go.  We boys are going to dress up in the girls [sic] clothes.
  • May 14 – Pat got started to run away last night, but his heart failed him and he come [sic] back and laid in the barn.  I gave him a severe chastizing this morning.  Mellen Andrews and his two sisters stopped here two or three hours.  Got out 6 loads of manure on the Gideon field [a field between the river intervale and the fields near the road].
  • May 15 – Staid [sic] with Almeron last night.  Called into Mr. Straws [sic].  He gave me a trace of seed corn, and lent me a book.  Almeron and I called down to Fosters [sic] to see a fellow by the name of Morse.  He is a miserable fellow.  Drove Herveys [sic] [Hastings] horse up to Miltons [sic].  Called into the Deacons [sic].  Phylantha and I went to James [sic].  We trained like thunder.  We got into a squabble and had a good time but spoilt it all at last.  I dreamed a queer dream last night at Miltons [sic] in which Eugenia Roberts was concerned.
  • May 16 – It has been a very warm day.  Have been hauling manure.  Got out twelve loads.  Eugenia, Olive, Emma and Sophia Roberts have called here today.  Went down & hired thirty dollars of Mr. Reuben B. Foster.  He would not take my note, but said he would remember when it was, just the same.
  • May 17 – Very warm day.  Carried Theresa to Newry this forenoon.  She was pretty tired when we got up there.  Called in to see the ministers [sic] wife.  She is quite slim.  I do not think she will ever get well.  She wanted me to get her some cider.  I went down to the Deacons [sic] and got some and sent up by L. C. Smith.  Ball has gone to Paris to settle up as administrator on this estate.  Went up and helped Mr. Straw furrow out for corn.
  • May 18 – Commenced to plant corn today.  Went down to Milton Roberts and got ½ bushel of seed corn.  Sold three sheep skins for $2.25 apiece.  It has been quite warm today.  Charles Henry and Alpha Powers [sons of Orson Powers] are coming down with the measles.  Ball could not settle yesterday because he did not know enough to get ready.
  • May 19 – Have been planting corn.  I let Charles have two bushels of potatoes, one bushel of oats, and one bushel of India wheat.  I carried them up tonight.  Went to see Theresa.  She is getting better.  Mother went down to the P.O. with Mrs. Straw.  I guess I am going to have the measles.  I have got the worst headache I ever had.
  • May 19 – I had a pretty sick night last night, but feel better tonight.  My head does not ache so bad.  Mrs. Milton and James Roberts called up here this forenoon and Eugenia and Aunt Sally called in this afternoon.  The Deacon sent me up some cider by Eugenia.  The neighbors have gone up to help Mr. Morgan.  [No entries for May 21, 22, 23]
  • May 24 – [Listing of various measurements] A span, about 10 inches; a cubit, about 21 inches; a fathom, about 7 feet; a furlong, about 44 rods; a day’s journey, about 33 miles, a Sabbath day’s journey, about 7 furlongs; a mite, about 4 mills; a farthing, about threequarters of a cent; a penny, fifteen cents, a talent of silver, about 15 hundred dollars; talent of gold, about 25,000 dollars. [No entries for May 25, 26]
  • May 27 – The cost of building the line fence between Unckle [sic] Orson and I is, – 1 day, Edwin R. Lane, 1.25; 1 day, Bickmore Stearnes, .50, 1 day myself & oxen, 2.50; 1 day, Augustine & oxen, 2.50; 1 day, Nahum Frost, 1.25; 1 day, Edwin R. Lane, 1.25; 1 day, Milton, Almeron & Oxen, 3.75; 1 day, Wm. O. Straw, 1.25.  [No entry May 28]
  • May 29 – Have been quite sick with the measles as I have not been [able] to write in my Diary.  Bro. Ben Lufkin preached up here today.  Eugenia called in here this morning.  Also: William Barker called in.  I walked out this morning for the first time since I have been sick.  I was pretty weak.
  • May 30 – Walked up to Unckle Orsons [sic].  I was pretty tired and had to lay down and rest.  Pat has been up helping fix fence between Mr. [Cyrus] Bartletts [sic] and us.  The cows lay out tonight.
  • May 31 – Walked down to James this morning and stopped 3 or 4 hours.  I said something about Eugenia the night she sit [sic] up with me, but she would not tell me what it was.  Come up and took dinner with Liz.  Olive S. Willis as there.  Went down to the point tonight.

June 1864
  • June 1 – Went up to Newry.  Theresa and I went up to Agustines [sic] and made a visit in the afternoon.  Pat washed the sheep this afternoon.  Went to Sarahettes [sic] and stopped a little while in the forenoon.  Staid to Edwins [sic] all night.  Went into see Mrs. White.
  • June 2 – Theresa come [sic] with me this morning.  She and Mother went down to Miltons [sic] visiting this afternoon.  Went down to the village with B. B. Willis.  Met Bessey down by the pines and I took his horse up here, and he went over to Unckle [sic] Peters [sic] to see Mr. Stearns.
  • June 3 – Mr. Bessey staid here last night.  Carried Theresa down to James.  I went to the Point and got my gig.  Paid Finney ten dollars for fixing it.  The colt come [sic] very near staving me up to James [sic].  Edwin came down and got Theresa.  Have been planting beans.
  • June 4 – Finished planting beans today.  I carried Fathers [sic] picture down & Jess [Howe] is going to take some photographs.  Called into Mr. Straws [sic] and Aunt Julias [sic].  Mother went up visiting this afternoon.  Fidelus [Stearns, son of B. F. Stearns] got home from Bridgton at three o’clock.
  • June 5 – Fidelus took dinner here today.  Edwin and Theresa and I went down to the village and called James when he come [sic] back.  J. R. Howard carried Eugenia over to her school.  Fidelus and I went down to the village.  We called to the Deacons [sic], James [sic], and Miltons [sic].
  • June 6 – Loch and I have been fixing fence up in the sag.  Went over to the pond fishing after supper.  Did not get any.  We went round the pond and come [sic] over across the Deacons [sic] mountain.  We went out on the pond in a boat.  The wind blew very hard.  Lock cut the anchor and we came ashore.
  • June 7 – Went down to the Point to get the colt shod but Brown [James Monroe Brown] [had] so much work to do, he could not shoe him.  Mrs. Lang cut a pr. of pants for me.  Went up to Newry.  Staid to Sarahettes [sic] all night.  Stella York staid with Sarahette.
  • June 8 – Got up this morning and went over to Ned’s, before Sarahette was up.  Helped Ned shear his sheep.  We sheared twenty-five.  Sarahette come [sic] over there visiting in the afternoon.  Augustine went down and helped Foster wash sheep.  Matilda and Walter come [sic] down here.
  • June 9 – Have been to work on the road this forenoon.  This afternoon went down and got the colt shod.  Milton Howard paid me fifty dollars for the mare we let him have instead of the two colts.  I am owing Bolster three dollars and eighty-five cents (3.85).  Got five photographs that Jesse copied from fathers [sic] miniature.  Paid him 1.00.
  • June 10 – Worked on the road in the forenoon; in the afternoon fixed up the fences.  Pat has been harrowing for India wheat.  Liz has been up to Unckle [sic] Orsons [sic] visiting this afternoon.  I went up to have sing.  It was measly enough.  Shut up the hens tonight.
  • June 11 – went into the woods and hauled out two loads of fencing poles.  Fixed the fence round the field back of the house.  Sowed two bushes of India wheat.  Mason has been down and sheared 22 sheep.  Went up to Newry and paid Charles 50.00.  Staid up to Charles [sic] all night.  Unckle [sic] Peter staid there all night.
  • June 12 – Got up this morning and went over to Neds [sic] before Charles [sic] folks were up.  Took breakfast there, and went up to see if I could get Augustine and Nahum to help me build a line fence between Ors and us.  When I got home Mrs. James Roberts was here.  I went down with her & cut Emmas [sic] hair.
  • June 13 – Sheared sheep for Mr. Mason.  Sheared twenty-two.  Went up to Mr. Straws [sic] and sheared twelve.  Mason thought he had lost one fleece of wool.  I was there shearing alone while the rest was eating their dinner.  I thought they would think I took it, and felt rather blue, but remembered that Mason told me there was one sheep there in the morning.
  • June 14 – Sheared out sheep today.  Ned come [sic] down and helped me.  Mentioned to Unckle [sic] Ors about dividing the line tomorrow.  He was bound not to build his part, so I notified the fence viewers.  He has got to build his part or pay me for building it.  Mr. Straw and wife and Mr. Straws [sic] brother, Daniel Straw, paid me a call this evening.  I asked Unckle [sic] Orson if it would be so he could help divide the line tomorrow.  "Well,” he said, “I dont [sic] know, I dont [sic] think you’ll build enough to pay for dividing it.”  Said I, “I shall have a line fence there and if you and I can divide it, we will; if not we will get some one to divide it.”  Said he, “Well you can get some one to divide it.  I have got fence enough to build without building a line fence.”
  • June 15 – Unckle Ors was notified today about a line fence.  I will make the miserable devil toe the mark just as sure as I have my health.  Sylvania [?], Mother and I went over to see Mrs. Robertson [Sally Saunders, wife of Jonathan Clark Robertson] today.  Stopped at Ball Bartletts [sic] to dinner.  Saw Sarah Powers.  She said she was coming over next Saturday.  We stopped to see Lydia [Robertson] Stevens.  She is very pleasantly situated.  She went over to her mothers [sic] with us.  I carried her home.  She is a might nice woman.  Took supper to Mrs. Robertsons [sic].  Had a very pleasant visit.  Come home by Bethel Hill.  Charles and Sarahette were down today.  Was very sorry we was [sic] gone.  Bought two collars and two handkerchiefs.  Got my spices at Ryersons [sic].
  • June 16 – Have been hoeing today on the island.  Bickmore [John B. Stearns] helped me today.  Ball B. Willis come [sic] down tonight, and to a rect [sic] from Mother and I, so he can settle this estate.  The judge allowed him 40.00 for his services.  Shingled Rosettas [sic] hair this morning.  A very hot day indeed.
  • June 17 – Finished hoeing the corn on the island tis forenoon.  This afternoon hoed the corn before the house.  Bickmore Stearns helped me.  Unckle [sic] Orsons [sic] folks hoed their corn on the island today.  Quite warm.
  • June 18 – Have been fixing up round the buildings this forenoon.  This afternoon went up to Newry to see if I could get help to build the line fence.  Old Black is quite sick.  Sarah Powers come [sic] over tonight.  She and I took a walk this evening.  A very hot day.  Thermometer stood at 92 deg.
  • June 19 – Went down and got William Barker to cut my hair.  Went up to John Saunders and got the Revised Statutes.  Called into B.B. Willis.  Very hot.  Thermometer stood at 95 deg.
  • June 20 – James (Roberts), Joshua (Howard), and John (Saunders) come [sic] on and divided the line through the pasture between Unckle [sic] Orson and I.  He did not attend.  They assigned me the upper part through the woods and lower part through the pasture.  Went up to Newry after Edwin to come down and help me build fence.
[to be continued]

The Courier
Volume 32, No. 4 (2008)


June 1864 (continued)
  • June 16 – Have been hoeing today on the island. Bickmore [John B. Stearns] helped me today. Ball B.  Willis come [sic] down tonight, and to[ok?] a rect [sic?] from Mother and I, so he can settle this estate.  The judge allowed him 40.00 for his services.  Shingled Rosettas [sic] hair this morning.  A very hot day indeed.
  • June 17 – Finished hoeing the corn on the island tis forenoon.  This afternoon hoed the corn before the house.  Bickmore Stearns helped me.  Unckle [sic] Orsons [sic] folks hoed their corn on the island today.  Quite warm.
  • June 18 – Have been fixing up round the buildings this forenoon.  This afternoon went up to Newry to see if I could get help to build the line fence.  Old Black is quite sick.  Sarah Powers come [sic] over tonight.  She and I took a walk this evening.  A very hot day.  Thermometer stood at 92 deg.
  • June 19 – Went down and got William Barker to cut my hair.  Went up to John Saunders and got the Revised Statutes.  Called into B. B. Willis.  Very hot.  Thermometer stood at 95 deg.
  • June 20 – James [Roberts], Joshua [Howard], and John [Saunders] come [sic] on and divided the line through the pasture between Unckle [sic] Orson and I.  He did not attend.  They assigned me the upper part through the woods and lower part through the pasture.  Went up to Newry after Edwin to come down and help me build fence.
  • June 21 – Staid at Edwins [sic] last night.  He and Theresa come [sic] down this morning.  We got out stake poles enough to build fence through the pasture. He took our colt and gig and went home tonight.  I sold wool for 75 cts. Last years, unwashed, 60 cts.  Paid Foster $30 that I borrowed of him May 16.  Augustine come [sic] down with his oxen tonight.
  • June 22 – Nahum Frost, Wm. O. Straw, Edwin B. Lane, Milton Roberts, Almeron Roberts & their oxen & August & his oxen have been helping me build fence today.  We got our part done through the pasture.  Went down and talked with Blanchard [Atty. Orlando W. Blanchard] about the fence.  I guess I am al right.
  • June 24 – Went down to get some photographs taken, but Jes [Jesse Howe] was gone up to Howards [sic] Pond fishing.  Called in to Mr. Straws [sic]  She [Mrs. Straw?] played on the piano and sung.  Called into Galen Howes [sic]; also the Deacons [sic].  Ball B. Willis [sic] girl is in from Waterford.  Went up to settle with him, but he was gone.  Paid Unckle [sic] William $41.00.  He was over today.
  • June 25 – Have been hoeing potatoes some today.  Went down to the Point tonight to do some trading.  Mr. Chapman come [sic] down and got the wool today.  It come [sic] to $113.58.  Paid Ball $29.55 for money paid and his services as administrator on this estate.  His services was [sic] $12.00 and cheap enough.
  • June 26 – Went down to the Point to meeting today.  Sermon by Rev. Mr. Walcott.  Text: Palms 19 Chap. 17 Verse.  Father Lufkin preached up to the old meeting house.  They organized a sabbath school up here tonight.  They wanted me to take charge of the one class.  Very warm.
  • June 27 – Went up and asked Unckle [sic] Orson if was going to build his part of the fence.  I do not think he will.  I told the mean old cuss just what he was.  I went up to see Lawyer [David] Hammons [of Bethel Hill].  I met him up by Eames [sic].  He is going to look it up.  If everything is right, I shall build his fence for him.
  • June 28 – Went down to Virgins [sic] and got 30 slabs to build fence back of the barn.  Paid him 30 cts.  Went to the Point and got 12 lbs. nails, and one scythe.  Received a letter from Mary E. Lampher.  Went up and got Mrs. Williams [sic] horse to go to Bethel Hill tomorrow.
  • June 29 – Carried Mrs. Williams [sic] wool on to Bethel Hill.  She sold it to Mighill Mason.  Went in to see Mr. Hammons.  He said all was wrong and I must notify over again.  He said they could not give less than thirty days, and I must move my fence onto the line.  Got a book for James.
  • June 30 – Finished hoeing potatoes before the house.  Bela Williamson helped me in the afternoon.  Notified James and John to divide the line again.  Went down to see [Enoch] Foster.  He advised me to take counsel from Hammons.  James wants to go up and talk with Hammons.

July 1864
  • July 1 – Got Mrs. Williams [sic] horse and waggon and carried James up to the Hill [Bethel].  Gibson [Attorney Samuel F. Gibson (1823-1889)] says I am all right and Hammons [Attorney David Hammons (1808-1888)] says I am not.  Edwin and Theresa was [sic] down today.  They stopped to B. B. Willis to tea.  I helped Bela cultivate his potatoes.  Then come [sic] down and stopped at Balls [sic] to supper.
  • July 2 – Rainy all day.  Went down to the Point [Rumford] and got some salt.  Paid one dollar a bushel.  R. B. Foster went down with me.  Carried grist to mill.  Pat went down and got a load of slabs.  Carried Daniel Straw down to Office.  Rains nicely now.
  • July 3 – Went up to the mountain and salted the colt this morning.  Daniel Straw, B. B. Willis and Mr. Eames called today.  Carried Mother up to Newry.  Went up to see Augustine.  Mother is going to stay till tomorrow night.  Went to Sabbath school.  Joshua stays with Pat last night.
[to be continued]

The Courier
Volume 33, Nos. 1 & 2 (2009)


July 1864 (continued)
  • July 4 – Milton Roberts come [sic] up here and wanted us to help get Masons [sic] sheep. We got them up.  Theresa come [sic] down today. I went over to Unckle [sic] Williams [sic] and got thirty dollars. He would not take any note. James and Cyrus, Milton and I got up the sheep.  Joshua staid with Pat last night.
  • July 5 – Have been hoeing corn today. Mr. Perham stopped here for dinner. He is buying wool. He is paying ninety cents. Went down to get George Smith to come up with his compass and go through on the line and stake it out. Cooler than it has been. Mr. Smith come [sic] up and staked out the line today.  It rained a little. The circle met at Unckle [sic] Orsons [sic] this afternoon. I have got a boil on my thigh. It pains me bad. Went down to the Post Office. Expected a letter from [Attorney] Hammons but did not get any.
  • July 7 – Went up to Bethel Hill to get some papers of [Attorney] Hammons. Bought a grindstone of Philbrooke. Paid $6.50. Took Mrs. Williams [sic] horse and got a cask of lime. James notified Ors. and I to meet next Monday to assign our shares to build; so I cannot move my fence over until tomorrow.
  • July 8 – Augustine and Matilda was [sic] down today. He helped me hoe corn on the island. Went down to the Point [Rumford] and got a scythe. Saw Gale Howe. He has talked with Knapp about Ors building the fence. I guess he will build it. A very warm day.
  • July 9 – Finished hoeing the corn today. Went up to Newry. Old Unckle [sic] Black died tonight at twenty-five minutes of five. I was there when he died.  Stopped to Edwins [sic] to supper. Got started to go over to Cooper Beans [sic] to get a churn but could not get across the river.
  • July 10 – Called to see Lucelia Brown. Went to Sabbath school. Went down to Joseph Staples to sing. John Smith is up from Portland. Ellen Bessey was there to sing. She is at work for Lawson Smith and a very pretty appearing girl she is.
  • July 11 – The fence viewers come [sic] on this morning and made out the assignment. Mowed hay this forenoon. This afternoon went down to get a negative taken for some photographs. Carried the notices and assignment down and got them recorded. Old Black was buried today at one o’clock.
  • July 12 – Have been mowing on the Gideon piece.   Got one load of hay. I am sick tonight. Have vomited three times.
  • July 13 – Have been mowing on the island. Got one load of hay.
  • July 14 – Have been mowing on the island.   Got two loads of hay. Went to the Point and got a scythe for Pat. Went up to Newry tonight and staid to Edwins [sic]. Saw Roscoe G. Lane down to Gale Howes [sic]. Warm and dry.
  • July 15 – Have been mowing out before the house. Got one load of hay. Roscoe G. Lane come [sic] here today. We had a shower today. Julia & Letitia L. Foster called up here to-night. I lent Letitia a book and I went down and got six magazines of her. Rock [Roscoe G. Lane] went down to Deacons [sic].
  • July 16 – Have been mowing out before the house.  Got two loads of hay. Roscoe G. Lane took the colt & gig and went up Edwins [sic]. John B. Smith drowned up to Howards [sic] Pond this afternoon. He was swimming with George Holt.
  • July 17 – Roscoe got back this morning.   Julia Stearns come [sic] home today; she is to work for Hiram Howe. Went to Sabbath school. Rode down to village with B. B. Willis. Philantha and Abby Barker called up tonight. Letitia L. Foster called and gave me a ride.
  • July 18 – Got one load of hay. A. K. Knapp come [sic] up and wanted me to be one of the bearers at John Smiths [sic] funeral. There was six of us. Mr. Elliott preached the funeral sermon. Text Matt, 14 Chap. 12 Verse. Stopped to Mr. Hoyts [sic] to tea. Went over to Mr. Wardwells [sic] and bought a wagon. Paid $80.00.
  • July 19 – Mowed this morning till about ten of the clock.
  • July 20 – Finished mowing out before the house. Got one load of hay. Mowed one load of hay on the island. Elizabeth Roberts called tonight. It is very dry. The corn before the house is suffering badly for the want of rain.
  • July 21 – Have been mowing on the island. Got two loads of hay. Aunt Julia has been here visiting this afternoon. Mother went down to the Point [Rumford] this forenoon with Selina Williams. It is very dry and this afternoon has been quite windy.
  • July 23–Have been mowing on the island. Got four loads of hay. Did not get the last one till after dark. Bro. Lufkin borrowed my gig to go out to his brothers. He and his wife stay to Unckle [sic] Orsons [sic] tonight. Eugenia L. D. Roberts called and stopped two or three hours.
  • July 24 – Went to hear Bro. Lufkin. Text: 2 Corinthians 5 Chapter 1 Verse. Mother and I called down to George E. Smiths [sic]. They are fine folks. Went up to prayer meeting. Called to Mr. Straws [sic]. Very hot and dry. Wrote to Mary E. Lampher and Lauriston Powers.
  • July 25 – Have been mowing down under the hill. Went down to the Point [Rumford] to get something to put on Mothers [sic] back, but the doctor was gone. Got the grist. Looks some like rain. Mother hurt her back last Friday lifting a pail of water, and last night she hurt it again.
  • July 26 – Went out to Milton Plantation to get a girl, but could not. Mothers [sic] back is no better. Went up to Newry and got Diantha Powers. It rained some this morning. Saw Betsey Ellen Smith today. Charles has got home from Gorham. He is about sick.
  • July 27 – Have been mowing on the island. Got two loads of hay. Roscoe come [sic] over tonight, but went down further. Mrs. James Roberts called up to see Mother tonight. I had hard work to get them to-gether to introduce them. It has been a fine hay-day.
  • July 28 – Have been mowing on the island. Got two loads of hay. Edwin and Theresa was [sic] down today. Mary E. Smith come [sic] down with them. Letitia called up today. She brought some tame cherries to Mother. I have worked like thunder today and am somewhat tired tonight.
  • July 29 – Cloudy, but not much rain. Mowed the creek above the bridge. Went over back of the mountain after the colt. Unckle [sic] Orsons [sic] folks and Selina Williams went over there raspberrying today. Got started to go over to Unckle [sic] Peters [sic], but did not. Called into the Deacons [sic].
  • July 30 – Have been mowing on the side bank of the Gideon piece. Got three loads of hay. Went up to Newry and staid to Charles all night. He and I went up to Augustines [sic]. Got the yoke he borrowed but did not get the staple and the ring. Went home with Stella York from Charles.
  • July 31 – Theresa and I went up to Gusts [sic] this morning. Called in to see Sister White. She is gaining. Went to the Sabbath school. Gave Elizabeth Roberts a ride. We went down as far as Ellis river bridge. Enjoyed myself well. Called in to the Deacons [sic]. Sophia Bean has got home from Lewiston.

August 1864
  • August 1 – Mowed down by the brook and on the island. Got three loads of hay. Mr. Williams helped me today. I carried him home tonight. Diantha Powers rode up with me. We stopped and went into the grave yard. It has been very hot, not hardly a breath of air stirring.
  • August 2 – Finished mowing hay today. Some rainy. Mr. William helped me this fore-noon. Went down to mill. Got ½ lb. tea, 1 lb. starch and 1 box of blacking of Hutchings. Took Fosters [sic] horse up from the village for G. Howe. Met Ellen Bessey in the road. Rainy tonight.
  • August 3 – Cloudy with some rain. Carried Diantha Powers home today. Paid $1.25. Charles and Sarahette come [sic] down with me. Went over and got a plow point of Mr. Foster. Paid 65 cts. Went up to Unckle [sic] Williams [sic] and left the colt and went over to Unckle [sic] Peters [sic] and staid all night.
  • August 4 – Come [sic] over from Unckle [sic] Peters [sic] this morning. Let Unckle [sic] Wm. leave a counterfeit ten dollar bill that he let me have July 4. Sold the lambs for $3.50 each. Carried Chas. home to night. Two fellows stay here tonight, from Standish. Rainy today.
  • August 5 – Those fellows took the lambs away today. I let them have ten. James G. Roberts carried a load of lambs over to Beans [sic] Corner [East Bethel] for them. Got two loads of hay. Mr. Williams helped me in afternoon. Carried Sarahette up to Newry. Theresa come [sic] down with me.
  • August 6 – Theresa rode up with Mr. Eames. Carried two pigs over to Unckle [sic] Peter. He was not at home, so I did not get the pay for them. Roscoe was there. He come [sic] over with me as far as the Colonels [sic]. We come round by the Point [Rumford]. Found Ceylon Russell here when I got home.
  • August 7 – Ceylon went away from here this morning. Went over back of the mountain after the colts, but did not find them. Called into B. B. Willis. Mother and I rode down to George E. Smiths [sic]. Went to a lecture by Rev. Mr.Walcott down to schoolhouse.
  • August 8 – Roscoe G. Lane staid with me last night, and went over the river this morning. Went upon the mountain to salt the colts. Got three loads of hay, which finished our haying for this year. Gardner Roberts helped me. We have cut about twenty tons of hay this year. Have got 30 loads and about two tons more than last yr.
  • August 9 – Mother and I went up to Theresas [sic] & took dinner. Then we went up to Augustines [sic] and stopped till after supper. Went over to see Betsey Ellen Smith. Had a pleasant call. Mother stopped to Edwins [sic] tonight. She is going to stop up there two or three days.
[to be concluded in the next issue]

The Courier
Volume 33, Nos. 3 & 4 (2009)


Editor’s Note: This installment, only, of the Powers diary transcription follows the punctuation and spelling of the original.

August 1864 (continued)
  • August 10 – Did not wake up this morning till eight of the clock. Went down to the Point. Met H. P. Bessey. He wants me to drive cattle for him tomorrow. Called into Milton Roberts and took tea. He and wife have gone a visiting tour to be gone two or three weeks. Enjoyed myself firstrate.
  • August 11 – Went to Newry, and got a drove of cattle for Bessey. Paid Mr. Reilly $170. Drove them to the Point. Let Bessey have two pigs. He paid me five dollars for them and one dollar for driving cattle. Mother and Theresa come down from Newry with Letitia. Cooler today.
  • August 12 – Went up and helped Augustine today. Carried my boots up to have Charles mend them. Theresa rode up with Matilda. Went down to the Post Office. Received a letter from Mary E. Lampher. Pat helped Straw this afternoon. Looks like some rain tonight.
  • August 13 – Went up to Augustines [sic] and got a load of clay for Mrs. Williams. It has been mighty hot this afternoon. Lauiston got home from Lewiston tonight. Mother has got a bad headache. We have had a nice thunder shower this evening. Loch stays with me tonight.
  • August 14 – Went up to Newry to Meeting. Sermon by Rev. Mr. Hoyt. Text forenoon Matt. 28. Chap. 7 Verse. Afternoon Galacians 6 Chap. 7,8,9, 10. Verses. Rev. Dr. Weeks delivered the lecture at 5 o’clock. Text: Hebrews, 2 Chap. 3 Verse. Went down to the Post Office. A beautiful evening.
  • August 15 – James G. Roberts and I have been fixing the graves of Father, Galon, Grandmother Powers, and Unkle Nathan, and Stella Roberts. We did not get them done. Mother and I called on Rev. Mr. Walcott. He was away to preach a funeral sermon, but got home just as we come away.
  • August 16 – Mr. Roberts and I have been fixing the graves today.  We have finished them. Went up and got Charles. He stays here tonight. Walked down to the Deacons. He told me of a Scripture story. Phylantha, Julia Stearns, and Sarah Roberts heard it. There are now some city boarders to Cyrus Bartletts.
  • August 17 – Have been to work for Mrs. Williams today. Charles and I have been down to Henry Howes [Henry N. Howe, son of Col. Eli Howe] to a circle. Had a splendid time. We played sharades a ___. George Holt and I were chosen as captains. We acted the words, Punch Croock-back and Here-after. They acted words, Shakespeare and Castdown. My side did the best.
  • August 18 – Worked for Mrs. Williams this forenoon. Her chimneys draw firstrate. Charles is going to fix our arch kettles tomorrow. He, Mother and I have been down to George E. Smiths  and spent the evening. That is fine family. Bought a watch of Selina Williams.
  • August 19 – Charles fixed our kettles today.  Mowed one piece of oats on the Gibson piece.  Sold a cow to Freeborn Smith for $33. Carried Charles things up to Newry.  Took supper there. Went over to Neds. They have gone over to John Surls (Searles). Mother went up to Lucelia Browns. Mrs. Straw called here today.
  • August 20 – Bought a bbl. of flour. Paid $12. Sold Oneal Hastings two lambs for three dollars apiece.  Paid the Colonel (Eli Howe) $1.35 for carding wool. Paid Rosette Stearnes two dollars for raking after the cart. Went up to Newry and staid to Edwins all night.  Helped raize a corn barn for Joshua and Preston (Howard).
  • August 21 – Come down from Newry this morning. Edwin and Theresa come down with me. Went to church. Text:___. I helped them sing this afternoon. Augustus and Matilda, Edwin and Theresa took supper here. She is going to stay all night.
  • August 22 – Cloudy. Killed a calf. James G. Roberts cut his head off. Sold half of him to F[rye] Hutchings. Let him have a gallon of maple molasses for two of West India. Carried half of it up to Ithiel Smith. He paid me $4 which was 10 cts. a lb. Ned went up with me. Staid to his house all night.
  • August 23 – Come down from Newry this morning. I planned to stay at Augustines last night, but they not act very glad to see me, so I did not stop. I hope to God, I shall not get such a wife as Gust has got if I ever marry. Have been fixing up round the yard today. Pat helped Straw a little while this afternoon. Cut a few alders back of the house. August 24, Got three loads of oats. Got out four loads. Hauled them down to the island. Unckle Gideon [Powers] called here today. Paid for the Maine Farmer till July 10, 1865. Mary Matilda Willis and Elvira called here. Unckle Orson is digging a cellar under his horse stable.
  • August 25 – Have got a horrible cold, and my head aches bad tonight. Mother and I went to see Walter. He is sick with dysentery. Augustine went down after the doctor. Mother went to the Circle. I went down and stopped a little while. Enjoyed myself very well. It has been very hot today.
  • August 26 – Took the corn I sold to Freeborn Smith down to the Point. Mr. Eames came down to look at our steers. He took dinner here. My cold is not much better. Pat has been helping Mr. Straw this afternoon. It has been pleasant today and part of the time very warm. Augustine and Nahum Frost went down to settle with Holt.
  • August 27 – Got out eight loads of manure on the island. The wind has blowed hard from the nor’east all day. Got James express wagon and went up to Newry after a bbl. of flour. It rained so I did not come home but staid to Charles all night and slept on a new feather bed.
  • August 28 – Come down from Newry this morn. Took James wagon down and Gene wanted me to carry she, Hannah S. Kenney and Sarah Roberts up to the grave yard. Went down to Joseph Staples, and made a call. Ceylon Russell stops with us tonight. It has been a fine day.
  • August 29 – Finished mowing the oats today. It has been showery. Ceylon Russell went up to Mr. Eames this morning. Mr. Bessey and son stay here tonight.  He and I went up to Newry. He wanted to see Asa Stearns. Hannah S. Kenney and Gene Roberts staid at Neds last night.  Gene asked Theresa how folks could help having children.  According to appearances I guess she ought to know. She did not find out.
  • August 30 – Unckle Hosea Huntress and wife stay here tonight.  Their youngest girl is with them. Unckle Eli Howe and wife, Mrs. James Roberts and Mrs. Ezekiel Jewett have been here visiting today. Rode down to the village with Lauriston tonight. Four weeks ago last Sunday I gave Elizabeth Roberts a ride.  I took out my gloves and said put them on.  She told I said, I do not think to wear my gloves half of the time.  It is by word all about. If I had a mind, I could injure her very much, but no, I desire to injure no one. If she wishes to injure me, she can do so, but hereafter our friendship ceases.  What she should wish to injure me for I cannot tell but I am not the only one who carries two faces with.
  • August 31 – Looks like rain, has been cloudy all day. Got two loads of oats. Carried mother down to Galen Howes to the circle. Carried Charles up  as far as Charles Bartletts, then went down after Mother. James Estes stays here tonight.  They did not stop in the evening at the circle.  Have been mowing india wheat.

September 1864
  • September 1 – Has been very pleasant all day. Mother has been down to Cyrus Bartletts visiting this afternoon.  Sold the oxen  to James G. Roberts for $125.  He is not going to take them till Monday. Mrs. Straw and Sylvania Williams called down here today.
  • September 2 – Got out six (6) loads of manure.  The cattle laid out last night and they lay out tonight. Went down to the Point and got a lantern, a lb. of tea, and fish. Paid for all $3.74. Ball B. Willis called here this evening. Liz, Gene & Almeron called in here last evening. Abby Rowe died yesterday and was buried today.  Elvi, Philantha & Gene went up to the funeral.
  • September 3 – Went up on Mt. Orson [the mountain on his uncle’s farm] after the cattle but could not find them. Sent Pat after them and he found them. Went down to the Point and got the colt shod. Got a hogshead of C. A. Kimball. Paid him 75 cts.  Went up to Neds and staid the night.  Plowed some in the afternoon.  Has been cloudy all day with some rain.
  • September 4 – Have been up to Neds all day.  He and I went over to Charles and stopped for an hour or two.  They have had the babies picture taken. Sarabette gave me one.  Hannah Black come home from Bethel Hill sick last night.  I called to see her.  It has been rainy  all day.  Brother Lufkin did not have any meeting today.
  • September 5 – James come up to give me his note for the oxen but I would not take it.  Put a half hogshead in the yard for the cattle to drink out of.  Went down to the Point.  Thales school commenced at the village today.  Mother and I called into A. Kimballs this evening.  They are very agreeable folks.
  • Sepember 6 – Plowed this afternoon.  This forenoon hauled out four loads of manure. The cattle lay out tonight.   Mother and I called into Mr. Straws and spent the evening. The colt went over on Miltons island to night and I had to go down and take his great boat to get him.  A very fine day.
  • September 7 – Went over the river to see if I could get Mr. Russell to work for Mrs. Williams.  Gathered apples up in the opening. Mother went up to Aunt Julias visiting this afternoon.  Lauriston has been here this evening.  We sung some and read old letters. He took two of the letters he wrote me to burn.
  • September 8 – Got out four loads of manure.  Gathered apple up under the mountain.  We got about fifteen bushels.  Mother went up to Edwins with Selina Williams.  It has been a fine day. Went to the lecture in the village this evening. Col. Wm. Wort addressed the audience.  Also Judge E. W. Woodbury.
  • September 9 – Ceylon Russell staid with us last night.  Have been  plowing today on the Gideon piece.  Took oxen down to James tonight.  They are going to meet me at the village tomorrow evening to organize a Lyceum.
  • September 10 – Election is near at hand for Governor.  I have been trying to post myself in regard to political matters for a few weeks past, and I have come to the conclusion that it is my duty to stand by my country.  It is not mere party that we should look at, but we should look at the matter calmly on both sides with unbiased minds and act as our judgement and conscience dictates.
  • September 11 – I shall take my duty, and if I err, I shall have a clear conscience of all intent of doing wrong and therefore have nothing to reflect upon, although I may regret. Carried Charles up last night and stopped with him. Went to the meeting at the Corner.  Sermon by Rev. Mr. Lapham from Bethel Hill.
  • September 12 – The cows lay out last night.  I went after them this morning  but could not find them.  Went to town meeting and voted for Samuel Cony for Governor.  It has rained steady all day.  Pat went after the cows but could not find them, so they lay out again tonight.  Carried Charles and Capt. [William] Barker out to Silvers.  Theresa and Edwin have been down today. Have been hunting for the cattle most all day, but could not find them. Went down to the village with Lauriston. It has been rainy all day. Called into James G. Roberts. Mrs. Roberts had just got the cream in the churn. I brought the butter.
  • September 14 – Went up to Newry.  They counted votes at Fessenden Stearnes [Samuel Fessenden Stearns, son of Sumner].  I took dinner there.  Pat found the cows back of the mountain in woods.  Called into Aunt Roxys.  Have got a severe headache tonight.  I carried the returns from Andover up to Newry.
  • September 15 – Went up to Bethel Hill to get a stove for Mrs. Williams.  Theresa and Rock Lane and Sewell Lanes wife stay here tonight. Eugenia and Sarah Roberts called up here.  Rock gave Eugenia a ride.  Went down to the village to a Lyceum with Hervey S. Hastings.  I expect a surprise party tomorrow night. [No entries for September 16 through the 20th]
  • September 21 – Went up to Mrs. Williams this forenoon, and done some plastering.  Mrs. Williams is quite sick.  Mr. Williams come down and helped me cut corn in the afternoon. We cut most of the piece on the island. Loch cut their corn on the island today. It has been quite comfortable weather.
  • September 22 – James come up with his four cattle and helped me haul corn up from the island.  I put our steers on and hauled up eight loads.  It has been quite warm today.  Theresa come down from Newry afoot.  She and I went down to the village, and then I carried her up to Newry.
  • September 23 – Have been shocking corn back of the barn.  Ned Lane was drafted from Newry.  He and Theresa  have been down.  Went up to a “paring bee” at James.  We staid till about eleven.  I had just got home when James called for me to go up and see what we could do about getting Ned free.  We decided to go down and see Dr. Bartlett tomorrow night.  The rooster was crowing for morning when we come home.  It was half past three.  We met some fellows going to Canada.
  • September 24 – Have been helping James this afternoon.  Went up and got Ned and Theresa and carried them down to James.  He and James started for Dixfield about eight this evening.  They took our wagon.  Brought Theresa up and then took James home.  It is showery tonight.  It has been quite warm today.
  • September 25 – James and Edwin got home at eight this morning.  Dr. Bartlett came up to Dr. Roberts today, and they both made out some certificates for Ned.  I went down to the Point to get Lawyer Rawson to administer the oath to Milton, James, Cyrus and the Deacon on Ned’s account.  He come up but it would answer, because it was Sunday.
  • September 26 – Carried Ned and Theresa up last eve.  Mary Matilda come down this morn and told me Mrs. Williams was dead and wanted to go up and get Mrs. Mason.  I went up and got her and we went down and told Emaline.  Mother went up to Newry with the Deacon. Elvira, Eugenia, and I went down to Mary Matilda’s room at George Smiths and rehearsed our dialogue.  Milton, James, Cyrus, and the Deacon went down to Rawsons and took the oath, and I took the papers and carried them up to Ned, got there about one of the clock in the night.  Eugenia was the girl who knew where I had gone.
  • September 28 – Hauled in some corn with the steers.  One of them was sick tonight, but is better.  He ate to[o] much.  Went down and got the grist, and went up to Newry to see if Edwin was drafted.  He had not got home.  Oneal Hastings and Joel Foster went down last Monday and got exempted.  Have been husking this evening.
  • September 29 – Have been digging potatoes today.  Edwin got home today.  He got exempted.  He and Theresa and Mother come down from Newry tonight.  Went to Lyceum. Liz, Elvira, Tillie, Eugenia and I had a dialogue.  I hit Liz about “gloves.”  I was on the Question, but did not say much.  Very dark, and some rainy.
  • September 30 – Have been husking corn.  It has been rainy. Philip C. Hoyt called today.  Mother and I called in to see Sylvania this evening.  Gideon Straw and Ball B. Willis called in while we were there.  Aunt Ruby Mason was there. She is deaf as an adder.

October 1864
  • October 1 – Dug twenty five bushels of apples.  Mother went down to see the Deacon and got about fifteen bushels of apples.  Mother went down to see Julia B. Foster.  She has got a slow fever.  Helen Staples is Editress [for the] next Lyceum and she wants me to be her Editor.  Loch has been here this evening.  Has been quite pleasant today.
  • October 2 – Has been rainy all day.  Have written four letters.  Went down to see how Julia was.  When I come up met Ceylon Russell.  I took him in the gig and carried him down to Galon Howes.  Called into Milton Roberts.
  • October 3 – Dug forty five bushels of potatoes.  Went up and helped Loch husk corn in the evening.  Got home at half past ten.  Mrs. Straw and Aunt Sally called and spent the evening.  Some fellows went down feeling pretty good.  We halloed after them when they went by the barn.
  • October 4 – Cut the corn before the house, and got it in.  Got the pumpkins up from the island.  Went down to mill tonight.  Mother went down to see Julia B. Foster.  They turned their cattle into the fields below here today.  Had a curious dream last night.  I guess it will not amount to anything.
  • October 5 – Turned the cattle into the field this morning.  Dug forty five bushes of potatoes.  Has been quite pleasant today.  Nickerson Willis is quite sick with typhoid fever.
  • October 6 – Took Loch and went up to dig Charles potatoes, but Mr. Moore had dug  them.  We come down and finished digging ours.  Leander changed work with Pat.  Loch took his colt and we went down to the village.  Got my thin boots, that Ceylon Russell made.
  • October 7 – Helped Loch today.  We gathered their apples and then husked corn.  Mrs. Ellingwood and daughter was there visiting.  Aunt Hannah and cousin Stephen Andrews come here this forenoon and are going to stay all night.  Mr. Bessey took dinner here today, and he come back here tonight.
  • October 8 – Went down to East Rumford with Bessey driving lambs.  Saw Florett and Delia Abbott.  Took dinner at Mr. Knights.  I took Besseys horse and come up to the Point and drove twenty four lambs down to the Center.  Theresa stays here tonight.  Bessey did not pay for his keeping.
  • October 9 – Carried Theresa up to Newry.  Ceylon and I went up to Mr. Luther Eames.  We stopped for tea.  Aunt Hannah and Stephen went up to Aunt Julias yesterday and come back here today.  They stay here tonight.  I had a good sing with Stephen.  It has been very cold today.
  • October 10 – Carried Mother down to Unckle Elis visiting this morning, and went after her tonight.  Carried Helena Eames, and Miss Kilgore out to Calvin Howe [resided in Rumford on present Route 5] to a party this evening.  When we come back Ezra Smith stopped his horse sudden and run my colt into another wagon and broke a holdback iron.  I was very careless.
  • October 11 – Carried Mother and Aunt Julia down to Gilbert Howes visiting this morning and went after them tonight.  Have been husking today.  Pedlar Stevens was along today.  It has been quite cool. Charles is to work for Webster Holt.  He carried some cane seat chairs home tonight.
  • October 12 – Have been husking corn.  Augustine was down to mill today.  He stopped here to dinner.  Orin Fosters girl is quite sick with diphtheria down to Jonathan Virgins.  Pat went up with Augustine to help.  Edwin, Loch and Leander [Leander Power, son of Orson] come down and helped me husk this evening.  Loch stays with me tonight.
  • October 13 – Husked corn in the forenoon.  Went down to help Helen [Staples, daughter of Joseph Staples] arrange the paper.  It rained so hard they did not have a Lyceum tonight.  Unckle William come over this afternoon and is going to stay all night.  Ned and Hervey come down to the Lyceum.
  • October 14 – Helped Loch most all the forenoon.  Carried Unckle William over to Unckle Tim Ayers.  Went up and paid Selina for the watch I bought of her.  Loch come down this evening to help me make a dialogue, but Freeland Moody come down after him to set up with Nickerson Willis [possibly Octavius N., son of Jonas Barbour Willis].  Diptheria has broke out again in this town.  George Holt [George L., son of Timothy Holt] has got it.
  • October 15 – Helped Lauriston chop wood in the forenoon.  In the afternoon Loch and I went down and dug potatoes for Jonathan Virgin.  Loch come down to help make a dialogue, but we did not do much about it.  We was so sleepy.  Shot a squirrel up in the pasture on a maple tree.
  • October 16 – Brother Lufkin preached up to the old meeting house today.  Edwin and Theresa, Charles and Sarabette was down here today.  Carried Walker down some maple molasses.  Called into Mr. Straws.  Went down to a lecture at the school house by Rev. Mr. Walcott. Saw Flora Bartlett [Flora E., daughter of Elias Shaw Bartlett].  She come up to the Deacons yesterday.
  • October 17 – Husked corn most all day.  Went down to Lyceum.  Carried Mother and Elvira.  I have a declamation entitled “the dying soldier.”  Elvira and I wrote a piece entitled “Chronicles.”  It was a firstrate paper, and the best Lyceums we have had.  Cloudy tonight.
  • October 18 – Went up to Newry and got Ned and Theresa to come down and help while the threshers are here.  They set up their machine about noon and threshed 90 bushels of grain in the afternoon.  20 of it was india wheat.  We went down to the Deacons and spent the evening.  Had a first-rate time.
  • October 19 – Elhanan went home with Elvira.  They finished threshing about noon.  Had 137 ½  bushels of oats.  Carried some grain to the mill.  Carried Ned and Theresa home tonight and staid all night.  Mary E. Smith was there and spent the evening.  I went home with her.  A fine day.
  • October 20 – Ned, Theresa and I went up to Bethel Hill to the Fair.  Did not see anything to interest me much except the “horseback riding” and “trotting match.”  Also, catching the ”greased pig.”  Come down to Neds about sick, vomited on the way.  Staid there all night.  Cost me $1.25.
  • October 21 – Come down from Neds this morn, and have been husking corn all day.  Went up and helped Unckle Orson’s folks on their apples this evening. Two Howe girls stays here tonight.  Dropped my watch out of my pocket and broke the crystal all to smash.  Quite pleasant day.
  • October 22 – Have been husking corn today.  Broke the crystal out of my watch last night and went over to Rumford Corner and gone one put in.  Went up to Unckle Peters and staid the night.  Jo Goss [Joseph Benson Goss, son of Thomas Goss] was murdered in Illinois and brought home tonight.  Unckle Peter is going to start Monday to get Lewis body [Lewis, son of Peter, died in Washington, DC, 10 July 1864].
  • October 23 – Went to meeting at Beans Corner in the forenoon.  Sermon by Rev. Mr. Swett Text P:1st Timothy, 3rd Chapter and a part of the 16th verse.  Called into the Deacons and spent the evening.  Mrs. Straw and Sylvania called here in the evening.  Hervey Hastings called.  Quite pleasant.
  • October 24 – Carried Charles down to the Point this morning.  Plowed with the steers and colt this afternoon.  This evening called into Mr. Straws.  They expected the village folks up there, but they sent word that some of them was so situated so they could not come, and some of them did not want to come.  A pleasant day.
  • October 25 – Plowed in the forenoon.  In the afternoon husked corn.  Mr. Barker, and another man took dinner here.  I swap[p]ed watch chains with him, and gave him thirty cts.  Sold him some cat skins for 50 cts.  Pat has gone down to Fosters to a husking.
  • October 26 – Have been cutting alders today.  Went down after Charles to the Village.  Gave Matilda Willis and Lucy Howe a ride.  Sold Charles Burnsides for what I was owing him.  Carried him to Newry and staid all night.  Mr. Rowe staid there from West Bethel. Pleasant.  [No entries from October 27 through November 1]

November 1864
  • November 2 – We come down this morning.  We chopped eight loads of wood & I piled it up today.  Went down to the mill this evening.  Lauriston went down with me.  Dr. Abbott lectured at the village schoolhouse on Botany.  Got some cider at the Deacons.  Rec’d letter from Wm McCann.
  • November 3 – Edwin R. Lane and I chopped wood in the woods today.  We went up to Newry and we went to the circle to Lawson Smiths.  We come home early and staid to Edwins all night.  Aunt Lufkin told us not to make much noise.  Nevertheless, I went on a mission.  Enjoyed myself firstrate.
  • November 4 – We come down this morning and went into the woods and worked until eleven and it snowed so hard we quit and I carried Ned home.  Flora E. Bartlett came down with me.  It rained very hard, however we got home dry, and right side up.  It snowed about two inches and turned to rain.
  • November 5 – It has been very cold today.  Theresa come down with the ministers folks.  Quarterly meeting commenced this afternoon.  I carried Theresa up and [went to] B.B.W. [Ball Bartlett Willis] and stopped till after the meeting.  Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. Coburn stop here tonight.  Went up to prayer meeting this evening.
  • November 6 – Went to meeting.  Sermon this forenoon by Rev. Mr. Lufkin and this afternoon Sermon by Elder Colby.  Text Acts.  Webb [Webster] Holt stopped here to supper.  Called into Fosters and Letitia wanted me to go down to the village with her.  Called into the Deacons and had a good time.
  • November 7 – Went up to Littlehales and met Ned.  He and I have been to work in the woods today.  We went down to the village this evening.  Called to the Deacons.  Pat went down and got his foot measured for a pair of boots.  Cloudy but no rain.
  • November 8 – Ned and I have been piling up wood in the woods.  He took the colt and went home tonight.  It has been a fine day, but rains tonight, commenced about dark.  Ned was to work for me and did not want to go up to Newry to vote, so I did not go.  We offset.
  • November 9 – Edwin and Theresa come down this morning.  We have been piling wood today.  Edwin, Theresa and I went up to Mr. Straws this evening.  We had a gay old time.  Ollin E. Saunders [son of Addison R. Saunders] called to rehearse a dialogue, we are to have tomorrow night.  Elvira has gone up to John to work.
  • November 10 – We went into the woods and worked this afternoon.  Theresa, Sara Roberts [Sarah J., daughter of James Gardner Roberts] and Flora E. Bartlett come up into the woods where we were to work.  Commenced to rain about eleven and rained till about three P.M.  I carried Sarah and Flora home. Went to Lyceum.  I did not do much on the question.  One dialog passed very well.  While coming home Pret.  Howard tried to run by Cyrus and I, but he got played out good.  Aunt Lois Bartlett [Lois Powers, wife of Ebenezer Bartlett] stays here tonight.
  • November 11 – Ned and I went into the woods and piled up what we had cut.  I carried Edwin and Theresa home and helped plow for Oneal Hastings in the afternoon.  The Deacon, Philantha Howard and Flora E. Bartlett went up Mr. Joseph Howards visiting today.  The minister gave me two turnips.
  • November 12 – Plowed in the forenoon.  Sarah and Lucy Powers [wife of Peter Powers] come over here tonight.  Aunt Julia spent the evening here.  Sarah, Lucy and I went up with her.  Looks very much like a storm.  Elisha Littlehales funeral sermon is going to be preached at the old barn tomorrow.
  • November 13 – Has been quite snowy all day.  Went down and got my hair cut by William Barker.  Went to funeral.  Sermon by Father Lufkin.  Text: John 6, Chapter 14 Verse.  Ceylon Russell [son of William and Eliza (Clark) Russell] spent the evening here.  He took my watch to see if it keeps good time.  We talk of swapping the watch for a clock.
  • November 14 – About six inches of snow fall.  Got the sheep.  I found all of ours.  Went to the village.  Called to see the Deacon when I come back.  Flora E. Bartlett has got a sore throat.  She told me her name was Flora Evelyn Bartlett and got up a bet of ½ of a pint of peanuts that it would not thaw as much by half past ten tomorrow as it freezes through the night.  Threshed the beans today.  Got five bushels.  Edwin was down and got his steers.  James paid me forty five dollars toward the oxen.  Went down to the village and got my sleigh fills (?).  Called Unckle Orsons this evening.  He was good as pie.
  • November 16 – Hauled two loads of wood.  Went to the Point.  Sarah and Lucy Powers stay here tonight.  Elvira, Abner, Almeron and Modestus Gardner, Sarah and Joshua, Philantha, and Ceylon have been here this evening.  It is quite good sleighing now and this evening is splendid.
  • November 17 – Chopped wood in the forenoon.  In the afternoon hauled two loads of wood.  Mrs. Straw called in here this evening.  Sarah and Lucy stay here tonight.  Received a letter from Corydon.  It has been a pleasant day.
  • November 18 – Have been chopping today.  Sarah and Lucy went up to Unckle Orsons this afternoon.  Spent the evening at Ball B. Willis.  It has been quite warm today, insomuch that the snow is mostly gone.  John Bean borrow mother sley to move with.
  • November 19 – Edwin come down this morning after mother.  He said Theresa had got diphtheria.  Sarah Powers has been here today.  Took tea at Unckle Orsons and spent the evening there.  Sarah and Joshua Roberts, Philanthus, Neville and Sarah Howard, Almeron & Modestus Roberts, Bick Stearnes and Freeland Moody was there.
  • November 20 – Went up to Newry to see Theresa.  She is getting better.  Loch got home last night.  Called into the Deacons and James.  Sarah and Lucy went home today.  Charles has got home from Gorham.  It is very rough wagoning now.  Loch stays with me tonight.  Quite warm today.
  • November 21 – Edwin brought Mother down today.  Almeron come up and I shingled his hair.  Have written four letters.  Loch has been here this evening.  Selina come down after me to get her horse shod tomorrow.  It has been rainy all day.  Loch and I went after the sheep.
  • November 22 – Went up and got Selinas horse and took it down to the Point to get it shod, but could not.  Went up and got Timothy Hastings to shoe it.  Took dinner at Charles, and supper at Neds.  Hannah Black is there to work.  It is awful muddy traveling.
  • November 23 – Went up and chopped wood for the minister.  Took dinner to Charles.  It is very rough traveling now.  Helen M. Staples, Melisa Staples, and Matilda J. Staples [daughters of Joseph M. Staples] have been here today, visiting.  I was intending to go over to Unckle Peters and stay all night if they had not been here.
  • November 24 – Mother called me up at two of the clock last night, and said her throat was sore.  This morning I found she had got diphtheria and went after the doctor, then over the river and got Sarah Powers.  We had a good time while I was there.  Unckle Peter and wife come over to Unckle Orsons today.  The Deacon, Philantha, and Eugenia called in here this evening.
  • November 25 – Mother was no better this morning, and went after the doctor, but he was gone.  Killed the hog today.  Mr. Straw helped me.  It has been quite warm all day.  Adam Kimball and Straw went after the sheep, but did not find any.  Angela Powers come over today.  She is at Unckle Orsons.
  • November 26 – The doctor called this morning.  He said mothers throat was doing well.  I sit up with her last night.  Angela Powers is here.  Sarah Powers and I called down to Fosters and spent the evening [and] we had good time.
  • November 27 – Angela and I went up to Newry.  Hervey took d___   [No further entries.]

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